Thursday, December 04, 2008

Where I stand.

People often ask me - Do you just criticize? Or do you ever offer a solution?

Apart from of my 'anti-India' and 'anti-Hindu' and 'pseudo Secular' (this term is quite lovable once you get to love it) rants, do I have anything to offer?

Just so you know, I don't really appreciate being called an 'anti-Indian' by people just because they can't quite respond to my arguments.

C'mon. Throw some debate at me. Not lip.

But to answer some eternal questions that come my way once and for all.

Q. Who am I to speak about India? After all, I'm NOT Indian, am I?
So shut my trap.

A. True. I'm a Maldivian guy who's been India all his life. I can understand about 5 Indian languages.. can read and write a couple of them.. have most my friends here.. Am at home with both North and South Indians.. Love Indian cuisine.. appreciate Indian folk dances.. understand Indian sensibilities.. am inspired by Gandhi and Tagore.. read Indian history.. and aware of Indian law and familiar with the Indian constitution.. Hell, I'm more Indian than most of you are - or ever will be.

So no, I won't keep my trap shut.

Q. Am I a Hindu basher?

A. No.

Q. Am I a Muslim basher?

A. No.

Q. Am I a fundamentalist/extremist/radical/fanatic basher?

A. Yes.

Q. Am I communist?

A. No. Call me left-of-center if you HAVE to label me.

Q. My idea of Secularism?

A. Absence of religion from Government. Constitutional ban on mention of any party with any religious affiliations. Banning of any party that mentions religion or indulges in linguistic chauvinism.

Q. Why?

A. If you can't represent all citizens, you have no business being in government.

Q. My views on Sethu Samudram project?

A. Should NOT be built. But on purely environmental grounds. The beauty of a coral reef and marine life cannot be substituted. Not to mention the livelihood of hundreds of fishermen.

Q. My views on Hindutva?

A. It is NOT nationalism. It's pure chauvinism. If being Anti-Muslim, Anti-Musharraf and Anti-debate encompassed being a 'Hindu', then my idea of the Sanathana Dharma is totally off the mark.
I have a far more favorable view of the Hindu religion to associate it with the likes of Togadia and Yogi.

Q. My views on Kashmir?

A. There's a post somewhere below on this. Find it. I'm all for including Kashmir in a *ahem* secular, liberal republic like India, rather than a volatile, unstable country like Pakistan.

But I believe it's not for me or India or Pakistan to decide. It's for the Kashmiris to decide. I'm not sure I see that happening anytime soon though.

And yes, the Indian army DOES have a lot to answer for.

Q. My views on the Indian Army?

A. The same as any army. Terrible, terrible human rights record.

Q. Does that take away from their glorious achievements and bravery?

A. No.

Q. My views on the Kashmiri Pandits.

A. Tragic story. They need to be rehabilitated and given back their homeland, and their security ensured. Security comes with peace. Peace from Justice. And Justice from Political will to solve that eternal migraine called as Kashmir.

Q. My views on the Congress Party.

A. Dilapidated party, out of shape. But is centrist. Leadership needs to move out of the Gandhi threshold.

Q. My views on the BJP.

A. Hypocrisy. A 'tough on terror' party that won't condemn terrorism. Cannot ever be free from its radical hindutva roots.. and until then, cannot be my favorite party. Development is all fine, unless it comes at the cost of ripping apart a society for votes.

Q. My views on the RSS and associated 'parivar'.

A. Ban the bastards.

Q. My views on SIMI and associated 'mujahideen'.

A. The bastards have been banned for good!

Q. My views on Indian Muslims.

A. Poor, backward. Requires a strong leadership. They haven't had one since Nehru.

Q. My views on Pakistan.

A. I think Pak-bashing in Indian movies is a tad too overdone. After all, It is a country. With humans in it.
It is normal to have friendly relationships with that country. The Maldives has excellent relations with it.. and it's normal to find people in my country who don't wrinkle their nose upon hearing that word.

And they have a serious law and order problem. Fundamentalism and militancy are its bane. But then, so is it in India.

Having said that, I truly believe India needs to put pressure on the Government of Pakistan to crack down on militants - and do the same at home too.

Q. What I believe politics is about?

A. Building Infrastructure, Building schools, Education, Peace, health care, justice, security, foreign policy, economy and very very importantly, FREEDOM from oppression.

Q. What I hear politicians speak about instead?

A. Hindutva-minorityappeasement-Ram sethu- Muslim - Pakistan - Muslim -Hindu- Hindutva-Hindu-Hindu-Muslim-Hindu-Muslim-Mandir-Masjid-Ram- Hindu...

Q. My views on 24X7 news channels.

A. Disgusting. Every last one of them. Utter, unbearable, unforgivable trash.

Q. What do I think is wrong with India?

A. Too many people in politics with a hat rack for a head. No visionaries.

Q. What do I think is wrong with the world?

A. Too many people in politics with a hat rack for a head. No visionaries.

Q. What do I think should be done to improve things?

A. Education and literacy, for a change. Banning communal politics outright would help immensely.


That's enough Q&A for now.

And to all the 'critics' out there - I enjoy nothing more than a healthy debate/discussion. I have gladly eaten my words when I've been proven wrong.

No amount of outrage, heated or impassioned rhetoric and sloganeering has ever changed my views (in fact, they reinforce my beliefs)

But quite often, a single calm logical comment from you can convince me to accept your point of view.

Well. That's about my views in general.

So do I just criticize, and have nothing constructive to offer?

I admit I don't have any ready made 'solutions' for India or the World's problems. But what I do have is a vision - and a promise that India holds, given it's unique place in history, it's culture and young population and it's rapid growth in influence.

I'd like to see it become a truly secular, liberal republic - and not another Saudi Arabia, albeit a saffron one.

Hope that clears the air a little.

Friday, November 28, 2008

India's 9/11? Ha. Ha.

Certain (far more) important things kept me away from commenting on Indian politics lately. ;-)

To begin with, the Maldivian democracy movement finally culminated in the peaceful deposing of a 30 year old dictatorship through an electoral process.

We now have a YOUNG(and by 'young', I don't mean 55) and energetic new president.

Note that the country's first democratic elections saw no violence, no riots, nor any attempts to hijack the election.

Instead, the new and old leadership have decided to work together during the transition phase.

It's also important to note that new government is working on improving investments and business friendly policies and privatizations. Of improving students performances in secondary level exams.

They're also talking of future planning - and investing in land in another country, in case Global warming results in the low lying Maldive islands disappearing under the sea.

In short, they are thinking of GOVERNING, rather than merely clinging onto power. No sloganeering, no vindictiveness, no hatred, no populism for mere votes.

I'm proud of the way it turned out. Maybe India can learn a lesson or two from us. It's an honest thought.

But coming back to India. It's horrifying to see the continuing terrorist attack in Mumbai.. The sheer scale of violence and the audacity of the perpetrators in coming out in the open is indeed frightening.

It's a moment I thought the country would come together and stand united in the face of terror.

Instead, I see electoral glee on the faces of the BJP led opposition. Seeing the fortunes dip for the ruling Congress, they're firing missives and 'letters'.. and making announcements of their poll planks.

Some people are trying to label it India's 9/11.. But I don't agree. On 9/11, all the Americans stood united - cutting across ideological lines, party affiliations, race, color or ethnicity - Democrats and Republicans and third parties stood UNITED and STRONG behind President Bush in that hour.

I don't see anything of that sort happening in India. Front page reports are weighing such a brazen terrorist attack in terms of electoral gains and losses.

It got me thinking. Hundreds of horrific deaths, constant explosions, a raging fire and continuing violence by anti-Nationals - and they find time to think about VOTES?

Speaks much for India's 'leaders'.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is this Sharia?

This is revolting. Raped and murdered by law.

If there's a God, may He bless all those killed in his name.

Is there no end to fanaticism?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Are all Hindus Terrorists?

It started with the news of Christians being driven out of their homes, chased into the forest and being murdered in Orissa by Hindutva fanatics.

The pretext for these attacks offered by the Sangh Parivar leaders was that it was 'an emotional response' to the murder of a certain VHP leader by 'so called' Maoists. (Quite an influential leader, this Swami Lakshmananda must have been, for his followers are STILL in the same 'emotional state' even 2 whole months after his murder, and show no signs of coming to terms with their difficult loss anytime soon.)

Their unusually strong emotional distress unfortunately spread to Karnataka, where the newly elected BJP government lost no time in fulfilling its promise of following the 'Gujarat Model' and made the state its new laboratory for the Hindutva 'experiment'.

A church just in my backyard was AMONG THE FIRST TO BE ATTACKED in Karnataka. The desecrated, broken statue of Christ in that church came to represent the horror of HINDUTVA.

Then the emotional distress reached Kerala.

Christians continue to be under attack from violent 'emotional' Hindu groups. Overnight, the churches and nuns became Hindutva's favorite targets.

It was horrifying, yes. But at the same time, I couldn't help but feel a slight sense of selfish relief.


To begin with - for the first time, it wasn't the Muslims who had to bear the brunt of the Sangh's vitriol. Defending murdered Christians did not constitute 'MINORITY APPEASEMENT' - for Christians do not form any sizeable vote bank.

Yes, and for the first time, it was acknowledged that a 'Hindu' organization, namely the BAJRANG DAL , was responsible and not some sinister ISI plot, jehadi 'sleeper cell' or an 'Islamic conspiracy'.

It was no longer the 'aliens' or 'local pakistanis' or 'mullahs' or 'Islamic terrorists' etc. who were perpetrating 'mindless violence against innocents'. This time, it was the PSEUDO-HINDUTVIS. (Hey, I just like the word 'pseudo', all right?)

As the 'HOPELESSLY BIASED' media started digging deeper, a pattern began to emerge. Home grown religious terrorism - that, for a change, had nothing to do with 'Islam'.

Just a month ago, I wondered aloud on this blog whether 'terrorism' was a Muslim copyright - and was exasperated at the way the Hindutva mobs got away with terrorism, WITHOUT THE LABEL or the stigma.

Not anymore.

For the first time ever, the words 'Hindu terrorists' began to appear in headlines. A true defining moment in journalism. Beat this! 'Hindu terrorism' now even has an 'EPICENTRE'! Indore!

There's more. Hindu terrorists are not even 'MISGUIDED YOUTH'. They are EDUCATED fanatics and hardcore professionals (a little green, yes. But will mature in no time with Bal-T's blessings)

By this point, all REAL secular people (like LK Advani.. as opposed to the rest of us, who are just 'so called' pseudo-wanabes) must have arrived at the logical conclusion that, without doubt, Hinduism is the ROOT CAUSE of all terrorism!

It must surely be IN THE RELIGION itself that Hindu fanatics find it their true calling to explode bombs and kill innocents!

For the terrorists include a certain Sadhvi who has SHARED A PEDESTAL with pseudo-Hindutvi NARENDRA MODI!

There's no denying it. It was purely 'religious' terrorism - and for a change, that religion was NOT Islam. It was Hinduism!. What a heavy load off my back!

A BLAST IN THANE.. a BOMB in Malegaon.. one in Modasa... RIOTS IN RABODI.. VIOLENCE in Mumbai.. EXPLOSIONS in Kanpur.. another in Nanded.. so many innocents, WOMEN and CHILDREN KILLED by explosions...

And for the first time ever, the list of names of the hooded terrorists read 'Shyamlal Sahu, Shivnarayan Singh and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur alias Poornachetanand Pragya Singh Thakur. Unmistakably 'Hindu' names. Not some random Abdullah or Anees. A real life Thakur, no less!

Yes. I took deep, forbidden pleasure in it.

It was sheer joy to to see the Saffron brigade exasperatedly trying to deny a LINK BETWEEN THE HINDUTVA AGENDA and the apprehended terrorists.

It was truly music to my ears to hear all the RSS Islamophobes who make a living off commenting on news websites crying foul, and trying HARD to resist swallowing this bitter pill.

Must be hard being a Hindutvi at the moment. * sigh! *

The perverse pleasure of seeing Sangh leaders breaking sweat and pleading 'There IS NO SUCH THING AS HINDU TERRORISM' was quite satisfying.

NOW they say religion has 'nothing' to do with terrorism!

Wasn't that what we pseudo-secularists have been saying for a long time? Didn't the "So-Called Liberals" like me NOT repeat a gazillion times that 'terrorism has no religion'? Who was so smug back then?

I had the strong urge to go on as many forums I could and needle all the RSS fans till they wept and milk the moment for all it's worth. Watching them squirm would make my day any day.

It was an opportune moment for me to QUOTE FROM THE MANU SMRITI and the Gita to 'prove' conclusively that Hinduism and terrorism went hand-in-hand.

It was a shining opportunity for me to label all Hindus as terrorists and MAKE THEM realize what it feels like. It was so easy to go ballistic , bust some Hindutvi balls and rub egg in their faces.

The 'All terrorists are Muslims' line has officially been relegated to the trash bin. Some terrorists are now Hindu Sadhvis. (Dare an RSS fanatic throw that line at me EVER AGAIN, and I'm going to make him repent!)

What of the wonderful BJP MP Yogi Adityanath who has no qualms about publicly equating being 'ANTI TERRORIST' with being 'ANTI-MUSLIM'?

Surely, by his own demented logic, REAL secularists like him ought to be 'anti-Hindu' now. Poor sod.

And wait! What's this?! Muslim 'leaders' are now talking of 'counter-terrorism'! This is clearly an improvement, and comparable to 'reconversion' and 'revenge' and 'retaliation' tactics of Hindutvis.

See? What goes around comes around, Advani
ji. Violence breeds violence.

The tables have turned big time. The SANGH PARIVAR WILL NOW FACE THE HEAT for the terrorism that they have been fostering all along in the name of 'rashtrawaadis' and 'Hindu nationalism'.

Like I said. It was a moment of tremendous relief.

As the icing on the cake, I savored the moment of that PSEUDO-MARATHI VERMIN, Raj Thakeray's HUMILIATING ARREST. The government took a long time to take a dump, but finally managed to heap the Thakeray with a pile of cases in a few dozen places.

AND YET, my joy was very, very temporary. A momentary heady feeling that came crashing down in no time. It was immediately replaced with profound sadness. And shame.

I read a report about the blasts by these terrorists. A dozen innocents - including a 10 year old girl - was killed in one of these 'Hindu' terror attacks, that were ostensibly to 'avenge' earlier 'Jehadi/Islamic/Muslim' terror attacks.

Avenge WHO for crying out loud!

Once again, it was the common Indian man - and girl - whose life was snuffed out by acts of mindless violence by violent fanatics. It was heart rending.

Does the little girl who died in Malegaon care about the religion of the person who planted death in her budding life?
Does the young girl in Orissa, now burnt and scarred for life, care in WHICH god's name she was ruthlessly attacked?

Does the Nun, WHO WAS GANGRAPED by a bunch of soul-less animals, find any solace in the fact that it was the 'other God's' footmen who violated her?

Does their outrage have any religous connotation? I think not. It's a very human scream of anguish and pain that comes from them. Their tears are human tears, not christian tears or muslim tears. Their loss is a human loss. Their horrific sufferings are a reflection of our collective depravity - and our addiction to violence.

These are but just three of THOUSANDS of Indians suffering in the country, all thanks to the divisive politics of hate spread by the mainstream Saffron parties and Jehadi groups, each feeding the other.

The loser is neither the Hindu, nor the Muslim.. it's the Indian on the street.

It's YOU and YOUR family and YOUR friends and YOUR countrymen, YOUR fellow Indians and YOUR womenfolk being killed, brutalized, raped and burnt out there, and it is YOU who is sitting here and complimenting the perpetrators, justifying their violence, applauding them, and in doing so, JOINING THEM.

Indeed, it's India which is burning with the flames of communal politics. The politics of right wing radicalism, that of hatred, xenophobia, mistrust, anger and division. Of riots and killings and murder. Of dangerous rhetoric, emotive issues and fiery speeches... Where is the LOVE that binds all the Indians together?

I'm afraid it has been lost in all the inflammatory speeches of the pseudo-Ram Bhakts.

Yet, as a proud 'pseudo-secularist', I once again reassert - there IS NO SUCH THING as a 'HINDU terrorist' or an 'Islamic Terrorist'.

There's only terrorism and those who condone them. And it's upto the proud 'so-called liberals' to raise their voices against cheap, violent divisive politics that has never done anyone any good, except perhaps that pseudo-Gujarati, Narendra Modi.

A 'So-Called Liberal' cum pseudo-secularist.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two can play this game.


LK Advani :
I'm secular.

Me: I'm a pink elephant in a fuzzy tutu dancing on a circus ball.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seek the Truth. :-)

Nimmy has a wonderful post here that'll enlighten anyone who wishes to be enlightened about the Qur'an.

Dr. Hussain Ibish, Ph.D. has another excellent post here, about extreme radical interpretations by Islamist fundamentalists as well as Islamophobes. Read it in its entirety!

Follow the other links on this wonderful website that aims to curb racism and Islamophobia by spreading awareness of true Islam. It's a pretty comprehensive site, and should answer those who seek an answer.

Hindutvis may avoid the exercise, and go read rediff forums or something. :p

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And now, the visuals.

Here's something that leaves nothing to be spoken.

A victim of the VHP in Orissa.
[Photograph by Deshakalyan Chowdhury (AFP/Getty Images)]

Look into the eyes of this girl, scarred for life, and try to defend the 'humans' who did this to her.
Keep looking at her burnt skin and say 'Missionaries and forcible conversion are to blame for this'. Try imagining her painful shrieks and speak the words 'Aurangzeb, Ghazni and Ghori are the justification for this'.

In my various attempts to talk sense into mindless fanatics, I've met with justifications as absurd as these.

They'll blame Ghori and Ghazni. They'll blame Christian missionaries. They'll blame 'pseudosecularism'. They'll blame the 'Italians'. They'll blame ISI. They'll blame Pakistan. They'll blame the liberals.

They'll blame everyone but the Hintutva terrorists who carry out these heinous crimes. The right wingers will never blame themselves. They're never wrong. It's always 'justified' or 'provoked' or 'in retaliation to something'.

Tell that to the girl in the picture.. or the tens of thousands of citizens being targeted across India right now.

It's sad - pathetic, really - to see the BJP leaders in Karnataka and Orissa trying hard to justify the ongoing attacks on Christians.

Look into her eyes, and try hard to say something nice about the VHP firebrands who burnt her. Defend the perpetrators once again. Compliment yourself on the wonderful job of saving the 'sanathana dharma'. I'm sure this is what it stands for.

* * *

I condemn the Bajrang Dal and VHP for their extremely violent, premeditated attacks on Indian citizens - most recently in Orissa, Karnataka and Kerala.

I accuse them of murder and arson, and demand an immediate ban on these terrorist, fascist organizations. (Throw in RSS, Shiv Sena and MNS as well)

These organizations thrive on divisiveness, mob terrorism, attacking harmless civilians and vitriolic anti-Muslim and anti-Christian propaganda.

In fact, they've even begun picking up a thing or two from their Islamist brothers in arms, and have given public calls for Hindu suicide squads.

The bombs have begun exploding.(By the same folks who run the virile, anti-national, pro-hindutva HinduJagruti website.)

I urge the Manmohan Singh government to act in the interests of national unity and ban these anti-nationals, arrest their leaders, freeze their assets, put their operations under surveillance, and save India from inherently violent Hindutva ideologies.

I urge Indian citizens to not get swayed by the emotional rhetoric, passionate calls for violence, and brute animalism of these violent outfits. Violence and murder have no religion. Neither do tears and laughter. Be a human for a change.

[For those of you self-proclaimed 'Hindu Patriots'™ wondering why I haven't demanded a ban on Muslim extremists (which will be your first, and final, line of defense, as usual) - FYI, they're already banned. Thank You.]

Here's more visuals from a channel on YouTube that has a very lovely name: Ban the RSS (video)!

Jai Hind!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What More Can We Do?!

I'm feeling a bit emotional at the moment as I write this. I'm extremely saddened and repulsed by some experiences I've had in the past week.

I have tried to believe otherwise. I have tried to stick up for India's secular credentials. But today, I've lost that spirit.

India's increasingly becoming a society of Islamophobes. Yes, Racists and Islamophobes. Rabid Muslim haters who can't even begin to assume that there's no difference - anatomically, mentally, physically or personality wise between them and their counterparts from a different faith. Did I say 'different faith'? I'm sorry. I meant Muslims. I shall pull no punches today.

It's fashionable now to 'treat Muslims with the contempt they deserve'. It's fashionable to appear 'intelligent' and quote some obscure verse from the Qur'an to 'prove' that Islam 'supports terrorism'. Yes, it is fashionable in India to be Islamophobic. Blame the Muslims for everything. When there's an intelligence failure, it's the Muslims. When there's a bomb blast, it's 'Islamic terrorism'.

When there are social problems like poverty and illiteracy among a section of the population - there's no attempt or discussion on HOW to improve it. No. It's easier to blame Islam. They're uneducated Muslims. Let them be.

There are two kinds of illiteracy in India. Illiteracy, and Muslim illiteracy.
There are two kinds of poverty in India. Poverty, and Muslim poverty.

India's criminals are now branched into two. Criminals, and Muslim criminals. Terrorists are a Muslim copyright.
No amount of Bajrang Dal bombs can make them terrorists.. (No! Labeling them would amount to 'pseudosecularism' and being 'anti-Hindu'.)
No amount of VHP violence on Christian minorities can make THEM terrorists. No amount of fiery speeches or communal riots or intimidation or racism can get them banned. They're not terrorists.. they're the mainstream. Terrorists are those with an Arabic name. Only Muslims are terrorists.

There are two kinds of shop-keepers. Shopkeepers, and MUSLIM shopkeepers.
There are two kinds of auto-drivers. Auto drivers, and MUSLIM autodrivers.
There are two kinds of landlords - Landlords, and MUSLIM landlords.
There are two kinds of tenants - Tenants, and MUSLIM tenants.

There are two kinds of Indians - Indians, and MUSLIMS.

If you deny thinking along these lines, you're lying. And if you accept that you think along those lines - you're exactly what I'm trying to say you are. An Islamophobe.

Why does my following a faith of my choice make it seem like I have boil on my forehead that people can't avoid mentioning it?! Is it because my name sounds different from yours? Why must I apologize for having an Arabic name?! Don't almost ALL hindus have Sanskrit names? Don't almost ALL Christians have Latin/English names? Fuck you, if you think Muslims are devoted to some other country for having an Arabic name. Really, Fuck you.

These SELF IMPORTANT racist custodians of 'INDIAN CULTURE', in all their bigoted supremacy point out how Indian Muslim's hearts bleed for the Palestinians.. So FUCKING WHAT?!
Don't the general INDIAN HINDU POPULATION not lend their voice when Malaysian Hindus protest against their government?! What the fuck is THAT all about?! And Palestine isn't even a religious issue as much as a political problem.

If someone so much as bothers to mention that he's an Indian AND a Muslim - it actually becomes a issue of discussion that gives the word 'petty' a whole new meaning. PETTINESS doesn't begin to describe it! They nit-pick on every fucking' syllable of his, trying to find out hidden motives, an anti-national agenda.. and look for signs that he 'doesn't really mean it'.

Have you EVER paused to wonder why an LK Advani can be a HINDU as well as Indian. Why a Tata can be a PARSI as well as an Indian. Why a George Fernandes can be a CHRISTIAN as well as an Indian. AND WHY the hell NOT can Omar be a Muslim as well as an Indian?!

But all a Muslim needs to do is to look for a house to live in- and he's got to prove that HE'S NOT A TERRORIST. Is it written on our faces?! Guilty until proven innocent?!

Everyday Indians ARE becoming - or they've already become - anti-Muslim. I've tried hiding from it, partly due to my attachment to India, and partly from a hope that the damage done by blatantly communal parties (which for some amusing reason finds fault with 'pseudo-secular' parties) can be reversed.

I'm sorry, it probably can't. The rot is too deep. Islamophobia has become Institutionalized - part of daily lives and dinner table conversations. It's not just the rabid Modi who's talking about sending Muslims 'back to Pakistan' or wherever the hell 'THEY' came from.

The supporters of the Modis and Togadias of the world can go around saying 'Islam is foreign' 'Islam is alien' 'Muslims are invaders' 'Not Indian culture'... SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASSES!

Muslims of India DO NOT follow Hindu culture or religion - SO FUCKING WHAT?! The Muslims in India have THEIR OWN CULTURE developed IN India - and I don't call cultures that develop in India as Vietnamese. They're an Indian culture, right down to the fucking Biriyani.

But these mundane details don't matter to the Indian racists and Islamophobes. Like I said EVERYONE - Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Students, Housewifes and the supposedly urban metro-dwellers. They're all at it, and are completely oblivious to the gravity of it.

It's 'normal' to hate a Muslim you don't even know. It's cool to view a respected intellectual like Javed Akhtar with skepticism (He's a fucking Muslim, after all), and it's cool to let a virile Togadia (a compassionate guardian of the the sanathana dharma) continue his racist diatribes.

If there's one thing I can't stand anymore, it's THIS QUESTION:
Why doesn't the average/educated/liberal Muslim speak up against terrorism?
To that I have this to say. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Just do a tiny google search and see the number of NGOs and organizations that have come up to promote awareness of Muslims (in a country that apparently has the second largest Muslim population in the world!) and the work and resources put in - BY MUSLIMS - to promote secularism and enlightenment IN THEIR OWN RANKS.

The average educated liberal blasted Muslim individual has gone hoarse speaking up against terrorism and trying to defend himself against racism. Yes. Thousands and thousands of Muslim individuals speak up - and HAVE TO speak up - just to have a normal daily routine. They can speak up, they can cry hoarse, they can SCREAM FROM THEIR GODDAMN ROOFTOPS - but you still won't hear it. WHY? BECAUSE YOU'RE ISLAMOPHOBIC! You only hear the Al Zarqawis and the Mullah Omars of the world.. because that's what you're conditioned to LISTEN to.. your NARROW MINDS won't - and cannot - accept anything else.

Fuck the liberals. EVEN CONSERVATIVES - in their thousands - have marched and rallied FOR PEACE and AGAINST TERRORISM, holding banners in the sun and marching for miles. Did anyone hear them?!

Here's a picture I stole from The Hindu of an anti-terrorism rally by conservative Muslims in India.

Can you even fucking count how many there are? NO? So SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTHS before trying to appear self-righteous and look down upon all those citizens. You're calling THEM anti-nationals? Those thousands of citizens who took the pains to organize a protest against anti-nationals?! FUCK YOU!!

The liberals and conservatives of the Muslims have all spoken and rallied against terrorism. What have YOU DONE to PROTEST AGAINST TERRORISM except go on some random Internet forum and give went to your frustrations by blaming it all on 'THEM' and "MUSLIMS" and talk of 'SENDING THEM BACK TO PAKISTAN"?!!

Fucking Hypocrites.

The Muslims speak up all the time - even when they don't really have to. They HAVE to speak up to avoid the dirty glares everytime there's a bomb blast - as if they're somehow guilty of it. They HAVE TO speak up and defend themselves everyday just to not 'arouse suspicion' (fat chance!).

Muslims in this country are living their whole lives in a defendant's table or a witness box. The interrogation never ceases.

The stereotypes won't fucking budge.

It's cool to bemoan the fact that Indian Muslims haven't 'moved on with the times'. The Indian movie industry is practically dominated by Muslims - and yet Muslims are supposedly 'anti-movie' and 'against music'. An AR Rehman can make an entire billion strong population sing to his rendition of 'Vande Mataram'.. and yet, Muslims are ' averse' to patriotic songs.
A practising Muslim like Sania Mirza can play tennis in a skirt - but it's those who're protesting against it who get the 'Muslim' tag. The same cannot be said for a Khushboo or others who face the same problem. NOoooooooooo.. they're not Hindu fundamentalist.. they're the 'moral brigade'.

There are two kinds of moral brigades. Moral Brigade, and MUSLIM fundamentalists.

If someone has to MOVE ON WITH THE TIMES, its the fucking Shiv Sena and VHP. This is the 21st goddamn century.. the whole world's mixing. Hitler's gone, the world of ONE dominant race is a pipe dream.. why the hell are they still clinging onto 'Maharastra for Marathis' and 'India for Hindus' kind of medieval crap?!

You fucking complain about 'how easily Muslims are offended' and point out cases of Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen...
WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR GODDAMN SENSES when the country's most celebrated artist - at the ripe old age of 90 - is forced to go into exile?! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GET OFFENDED?! What was all the commotion when a saffron LK Advani called a secular atheist - Jinnah - 'secular'??! WHAT GOT the ants itching in your pants then?! WHY does a proposal to build a canal GET YOU SO OFFENDED?! Why doesn't the Valentine's Day hunters get called 'Hindu fundamentalists' who GOT OFFENDED? Nooooo.. they're just nationalists, and 'moral brigade' and some other fancy term to avoid giving them a religious tag. But not so for the fucking MUSLIMS. That's all they are!

Danish cartoons are ok.. a nude art work is NOT?! WHOSE RELIGIOUS SENSIBILITIES GOT OFFENDED?! Hypocrite bastards.

Then there's the sick rants about how 'Muslim leaders' do not condemn terrorism.


The ultra-conservative Darul Uloom Deoband - one of the WORLD'S MOST INFLUENTIAL seminaries, has issued a fatwa against terrorism in 2008.

The US Muslims Religious Council has issued a fatwa against terrorism. The Saudi religious leaders have issued a fatwa against terrorism ( and way back in in 2004 too- if that gets some sand out of your collective vaginas.)


Want to know what the fatwas said?!
Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram – or forbidden - and those who commit these barbaric acts are criminals, not “martyrs"

You want it spelled out MORE CLEARLY THAN THAT?! What MORE DO YOU WANT? What more CAN WE DO?

What about those 'violent calls to jehad' in the Qur'an, you ask? Go read your Old Testament and your Manu Smriti and your Torah.. and then come back and make allegations that war is not violent and that there isn't any quotable 'violent' and 'sexist' quotes in all those books. SHUT UP!!

It's not really 'fashionable' to quote from the Qur'an unless there's something 'violent' about them. But then here goes..
The Qur’an, Islam’s revealed text, states: "Whoever kills a person unjustly…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind." (Qur’an, 5:32)
NO.. but you have the urge to dismiss this, dont' you? That inexplicable feeling that there's a catch? Well there's none. That's what the Qur'an says.

ANd here's what the prophet says:
"Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil." (Al-Tirmidhi)
Did you read that? But you don't hear that often do you?! Nah.. fuck you.
All creation is the family of God, and the person most beloved by God (is the one) who is kind and caring toward His family."

POINT NUMBER ONE of the US fatwa against terrorism states (and it can't get clearer than this)
1.All acts of terrorism targeting civilians are haram (forbidden) in Islam.
What more do you want?! The Muslims - liberals, conservatives, Indians, non-Indians, rich, poor and vulgar have ALL spoken out against terrorism and racism in the loudest possible voices.
They have ALL quoted from the Qur'an, issued fatwas, defied stereotypes, and just tried to get on with their lives - which includes getting an education, trying to get a job, provide for a family, get a house, earn an income, and just LIVE NORMALLY like every other goddamn citizen out there.

But the Muslim in India has to face the challenge of being a Muslim at each stage. It's sad. It's sickening. It's revolting. But it's true. India IS becoming/HAS become an Islamophobe nation.

THE LEAST you can do to get rid of this crippling racism and dangerous Islamophobia.. is to JUST SHUT UP, or open your eyes to the truth that YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE. JUST BOTHER TO VERIFY YOUR FACTS before you go hoarse screaming 'Islam!'. DO SOME INSTROSPECTION and find out how much your own shit stinks, before pointing fingers at others.
If Muslims in India are conservative.. so is every other fucking Indian. If they get offended, so does everyone else. If they have their own culture.. so does the rest of India's communities. If they have their own dress codes and languages.. so the the rest of the communities. If Muslims face poverty and backwardness.. so do millions of other Indians. Diseases, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc. do not affect a Muslim any differently than any other Indian community.

It's true that Muslims in India are backward as a general rule.. but isn't that because the entire elite and middle class moved to Pakistan during partition? What percentage of the lower section of Indian society actually has a better track record in education and other parameters?! None.

It's upto YOU to uplift these masses - as any good Indian should do - instead of alienating and blaming it on 'them'. India's Muslims and Hindus and Christians are ONE. INdians. They're an interwoven web.. and anything that effects any strand of the web, affects all. Unless that fact enters your tiny, racist heads - this country is doomed to continue in the same vein.

It's sad that an outsider, who loves this country suddenly has change his opinion like this and feels the need to JUST LEAVE these sick, demented and racist people.

I'm sorry, but India has let me down terribly.


[I have since calmed down enough to realize that I've made an embarrassing amount of spellings and grammar mistakes. My frustration has also resulted in an unacceptable amount of cuss words. I apologize. However, to edit them now seems an injustice to my state of mind at the time of writing. The hurt lingers.]

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

VHP Lies Laid Bare...

A certain ultra right wing enthusiast posted a fancy introduction to the VHP here. It comes straight from the 'Sampark Vibhag' of the Vishwa Hatred Parishad in Mumbai, so I guess it's official.

This certain 'information' section attempts to fool somebody by providing 'examples' of suppression of 'Hindu interests'. Here are some (all) of the tall claims laid bare.

1. The UN charter says that a minority means less than 10% of the population. But Muslims constitute over 15 percent of the Indian population. Yet they are called a minority.

To begin with, there's no mention of the word 'minority' in the UN charter. However, the UN Sub-Committee on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities defines 'minority' as:

"A group of citizens of a State, constituting a numerical minority and in a non-dominant position in that State, endowed with ethnic, religious or linguistic characteristics which differ from those of the majority of the population, having a sense of solidarity with one another, motivated, if only implicitly, by a collective will to survive and whose aim it is to achieve equality with the majority in fact and in law."

Besides, what do you suggest we call 15%? A Majority? :p Lame attempt, this one.

2. Gandhiji prevented the construction of Somnath temple with government funds. But in 1948 he prevailed upon Nehru and Sardar Patel to renovate Delhi's mosques at government expense.

In 1989, The BJP National Executive passed a resolution demanding the construction of a Ram Temple over Babri Masjid. The same resolution urged all parties to "to adopt the same approach in respect to Ayodhya that Nehru government did with regard to Somnath".

So I guess Gandhi didn't 'prevail upon' Nehru and Sardar Patel after all. (Beats me why a great man and devout Hindu, who had the name of Ram on his lips when Hindutva murdered him, would want to scuttle a Somnath Temple reconstruction and build mosques instead?!)

The DPM, Sardar Patel, took a pledge to reconstruct the temple on November 3, 1947 (Despite Gandhi 'prevailing upon' him, and the work was finished in December 1995. Without any problems.

[It might be interesting to note, however, that – being a true secularist - Nehru said in a letter in 1950: "I have been feeling a little uncomfortable over your references to the rebuilding of Somnath Temple. As the government, we cannot undertake the building of religious edifices".]

There just aren't enough Nehrus around.

3. Sucking up to minorities reached its peak when Rajiv Gandhi declared that if the people of Mizoram voted the Congress to power, it would run the government on the basis of the teachings of the Bible.

Even if this preposterous claim is somehow TRUE, tell me how do the teachings of the Bible, or the Quran or the Hindu texts vary? I thought the teachings and principles were the same.

And dude. You seem terribly confused with the terms Majority and Minority. Are you sure that the Christians are a 'minority' in Mizoram? Last time I checked, it was around 87% of their population.

Is that 'sucking up to a 'minority'' ? Surely, it can't be too different from PM wannabe Advani's pathetic attempts to declare Ayodhya a 'National Sentiment'? :p I'm just glad Mr. Gandhi didn't suck up so much that he had to pull down temples to build churches.

4. Muslims and Christians are considered as minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc. But Hindus in Mizoram, J&K, Nagaland, etc who are in a minority there are not accorded minority status.

India's a union of states.. and all minorities and backward classes were declared on a National level, if I'm not mistaken. And it's not a simple numbers game.. there's also history behind it. Read the definition of 'minority' again.

5. Congress politicians and the mercenary pro Christian, pro Muslim English media hysterically scream about the death of Muslims in the Muslim provoked Godhra episode. But their silence about the extermination of lakhs of Hindus in Kashmir is thunderously deafening.
Extermination of 'lakhs of Hindus' in Kashmir? Come again? When exactly were lakhs of Hindus "exterminated" in Kashmir? Don't insult and damage the rightful cause of thousands of Kashmiri Pundits by inventing such utter nonsensical figures and fomenting trouble. Oops! You're VHP! That's what you DO!!

If everything liberal and non-Hindutva and non-fundamentalist in this country is 'Mercenary', then I'm proud to be mercenary! Surely, HinduJagruti is not mercenary?

6. When Christian and Muslim schools are allowed to teach the Bible and the Quran, Hindu schools are prohibited from teaching the Ramayana ,the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad-Gita Geeta

They aren't? I went to a good Christian school and they did teach the Bible to the Catholic students. My cousins went to a Hindu school, and they learnt about Hinduism, Hindu dharm, attended discourses by various swamis, meditation, yoga, and began each morning with a Hindu prayer. I even collect monthly magazines from that school that contain hindu mythological stories and pictures of Hindu godesses.

I don't see why you have a problem.

7. Muslims and Christian pilgrims are given Rs 20,000 as Hajj and Holy land subsidies. But Hindus are denied the same for their pilgrimages. On the contrary, Hindu pilgrims traveling at their own cost to Amaranth receive bullets.

I didn't have to do any research for this point. Being a Muslim myself, I personally feel going on Hajj on borrowed/state money isn't very nice or Islamic. Hajj is only for those who can afford it and are in good enough health to undertake the trip.

I seriously didn't know that Christian pilgrims were 'given Rs. 20 000'. (Pilgrimage to where?).Someone enlighten me on this.

Finally, I know quite a few of my friends who have made the Amarnath pilgrimage and returned quite happily. If they received any bullets, it's carefully hid away along with the rest of their souvenirs from the native Kashmiris. I did hear words like 'hospitable', 'warm' and 'pleasant', though. (Just like the 'Ram Sethu' became a 'centuries old' holy shrine over the last couple of years, even the Amarnath pilgrimage has suddenly turned into a 'bloody affair' overnight with the pilgrims braving bomb blasts and bullets all of a sudden. More HIndutva propaganda.)

8. A nationalist like Dr. Pravin Togadia has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. But the Shahi Imam of Jumma Masjid has got off scot-free for his various seditious anti national, pro Pakistani actions and utterances.

Dr. Pravin Togadia hasn't been arrested enough times. He's been let off too often on 'flimsy grounds' if anything. Sedition ought to carry larger sentences.

The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid condemns UPA-Left for being anti-Muslim. The entire file and rank of RSS/Sangh Parivar condemns UPA-Left (and the rest of the non-hindutva world) for being 'anti-Hindu'. You have a lot in common. So what's the difference?

When a bomb blast hit the gates of Jama Masjid, the Shahi Imam called for peace. On the other hand, Narendra Modi and Togadia called for genocide and violence. The Shahi Imam holds no government office and is less accountable to the citizens than a Chief Minister.

The Shahi Imam can board a plane to US, and no one will stop him. Not so for Narendra Modi.

I still wonder why the Shahi Imam is a 'seditious anti-national', while Pravin Togadia is a 'nationalist'. :p

9. Major Hindu temples are government controlled. Revenues from these temples are used to fund Muslim madrassas that teach hatred, sedition and terror. For instance in 2002, Karnataka's income from temples was Rs.72 crores. Out of this Rs.50 crores was given to madrassas, Rs.10 crores to Christian churches and only Rs.10 crores to temples.

Hogwash. I tried to do some research on this point. The only website that seemed to back this ridiculous claim had the unfortunate name of ''. So, I never bothered to waste my time.

10. The government allows muharram processions in Hindu localities. But Hindu processions are banned in Muslim localities

Sometimes I honestly wonder if they serve crack in those terrorist Shakhas. Which piece of legislation in Indian law precisely forbids Hindu processions in Muslim localities - or any public locality in Indian territory?!

11. A Pakistani becomes Indian when he marries a Kashmiri girl. But the husband of a Hindu Kashmiri girl cannot become a resident of J&K. So tomorrow if the ISI Chief from Pakistan marries a Kashmiri girl he will become an Indian citizen and can even try to become the PM, just like Sonia Gandhi.

I'm afraid it's not that simple. The Citizenship laws govern that even if a foreigner marries an Indian girl, he still has to have resided in the country for a period of seven years or more just to become eligible for an application for Indian citizenship. After that he has to go through a series of bureaucratic hurdles starting with Registration Form II.. and I assure, it's no easy task.

Especially not for an 'ISI chief'.


As for residing in Kashmir... forget Kashmir, you can't even travel to many of the North Eastern states without a RAP… a permit. Ever wondered why?

12. A majority of criminals in Indian jails are Muslims. They are allowed to offer Namaz in jail. But when HH the Sankaracharya was imprisoned on trumped up charges following a conspiracy carried out by Sonia Maino at the behest of the Vatican, he was not allowed to perform pooja.

This ridiculous inanity deserves no response… but then, neither do any of these demented rants. So here goes anyway.

Once again you're confused with the word 'majority'. The National Crime Records Bureau says that the majority of inmates in Indian jails are… well, just criminal. However, in a country of over 80% Hindus, it's not surprising that 60% - 70% belong to the majority community. (Not Muslims. Majority, in this case, meaning MORE in numbers! :p)

Criminal tendencies have more connection to social background, poverty, illiteracy, access to legal aid, etc (do look at the complete prison statistics) than religion. It's common sense. But this is VHP. There's no grounds for common sense here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you're locked up inside a grimy, dirty prison – or kept in solitary confinement, or hung upside down by your heels, it's not very easy to perform Namaz or pooja. I wouldn't recommend it.

As for your second assertion that Sonia Gandhi, at the behest of the Vatican, has not allowed this HH the Sankaracharya to perform his Pooja. This is the scoop of the Century!! You could make millions if you sell this exclusive to the world press, and the Vatican might even kindly sponsor your stay in an asylum of your choice!

Pray what does the Vatican care if a certain HH the Sankaracharya offers a Pooja in jail or not? How does it bother them in the least?!

Aren't you insulting the collective intelligence of the entire VHP organization with absolutely ludicrous claims such as this one? Oh wait... this is the VHP. You don't need facts. Just anarchy, chaos and violence at any cost.

13. The Pope was invited to India as a State Guest. But the Hindu King of Nepal was not permitted to attend a makara sankranti function in Nagpur in 1965.

Balderdash. Everyone knows that the Nepali King had full Indian government support (even when he didn't have Nepali support!) And I don't mean just Gyanendra… The relationship has gone back generations.

The Nepali King, Queen, Prince, Army chief, delegations, foreign ministers have all visited India and stayed as state guests several times… and Indian leaders have officially visited Nepal. Thank you very much.

14. Muslims are allowed to follow their personal law that includes the right to marry four wives. But Hindus are convicted for bigamy if they do so.

Personal laws are also applicable to Hindus in this country.. and the scope extends beyond marriage. It includes property, inheritance, etc. If you really want to get married to four wives, and are feeling frustrated because of it, I suggest you convert to Islam! This is a free country! :p

15, Bhajans are prohibited in Mumbai's local trains. But Muslims are allowed to sing quawalis in trains.

They are? Or is it yet another concoction to add a divisive tinge to an already unacceptable sermon by VHP terrorists? :p

16. Bangalore's Jakkur airfield belonging to the defence ministry was not allowed to be used for a Dutta Jayanti function. But the same airfield was allotted to the rabidly anti Hindu Benny Hinn for his traitorous function to convert Hindus.

I happen to live not too far away from Jakkur Air Field… And it's not just open to Benny Hinn, but also to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living foundation for his grand silver jubilee bash where Chief Justices, Governors, Vice Presidents, etc were in attendance - and a hundred other functions over the years.

17. Hindustan Times termed the Ganesh immersion festival as "immersion frenzy" But does not dare describe Muharram and Good Friday processions inn such derogatory term.

'Immersion frenzy' is a derogatory term? Since when? And why is Hindustan Times is so 'brutally suppressing' the Hindu community? :p

These are but a very, very few examples of how Hindus are treated in their own land and how the Muslims and Christians are being pampered.

Yes, very few - and very wrong too.

More than enough to reaffirm the VHP as a libelous, clueless and desperate organization. This piece of junk I quote comes straight from their propaganda section.

Propaganda is one thing, but these Vishwa Hindutva terrorists not only attempt to create utter confusion with their incoherent banalities, but actually find audience among their ultra-fundamentalist ilk. Post this same post on a HinduJagruti – and you'll actually find real human beings nodding along in astonished agreement. (Comments such as 'I agree with every line' and 'so true!!' are expected in response to such junk!.)

Any utterance by these maniacs can be ripped apart by a fourth grader.

I've had enough of this Violent Hindutva Parishad. It's time these anti-nationals, along with their extended family (the RSS, Shiv Sena, MNS, Bajrang Dal...) are banned and booked for sedition, terrorism and libel.

God Bless India!

- yaamyn.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Azadi once again.

Just some days back, I picked up a copy of the Outlook magazine - and was pleasantly surprised.

The cover story was 'Azadi for Kashmir, Azadi for India' - a compelling essay by Arundhati Roy on the Kashmir issue and the latest clamour for 'Azadi' in the valley.
The essay touched on the plight of the Kashmiri, the life under torture and army cruelty and presented the brutally suppressed Kashmiri's arguments for the right to freedom.

The article came out against the massive outbreak of protests in the valley demanding freedom.
This time, it wasn't a mob that could be shirked off as 'militants' or 'ISI backed miscreants'.. but hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris pouring out into the streets, marching peacefully and fearlessly demanding their rights. It's simply not common for an Indian to use mainstream Indian media to launch such a scathing attack on the Indian state and its repressive, inhuman policies in Kashmir.

But that was not why I was surprised. It was the letters to the Editor in that issue that I found very refreshingly interesting. For the first time, I was hearing Indian voices actually suggesting that perhaps India should consider withdrawing from the valley.
For the first time, in a mainstream magazine I read letters from regular Indian citizens asking valid questions pointed at themselves - at the Indian government and it's role in Kashmir. Asking if India had any moral authority left to cling on to Kashmir, that too at such a heavy price. Speaking FOR the Kashmiris right to self-assertion.

There was none of that Pak-bashing and breast-thumping emotional outbursts of patriotism, (normally reserved for times of Cricket tournaments and discussions of Kashmir) filling the reams. Instead, intelligent voices pleading reason, fairness and justice were prevalent in that issue. Humane voices.


Everytime I try to sneak in the Kashmir debate onto an Internet forum, I'm immediately attacked and vilified by numerous angered Indians. It wasn't necessarily even the right wingers or Hindutvis who reacted with such vehement outrage. Everyday Indians will frown at you if you so much as suggested that perhaps the Indian state might be at fault in Kashmir.

Hundreds of Human Rights organizations - including Amnesty International - have come down heavily on the Indian army for their brutal practices in the valley. When I try to assert these facts and the fact that despite numerous UN resolutions to that effect, there's still no referendum/plebiscite held in Kashmir, I normally face a deluge of angry retorts:
  • 'ISI has infiltrated all the Human rights organizations'.
  • 'Kashmiris want to be with India.. it's just a handful of militants who want secession'..
  • 'Indian army is a noble and efficient organization doing a lot of sacrifice in the valley to protect the Kashmiris'
  • 'India spends way more on Kashmir than any other state, so they don't have any right to protest'..
  • 'First, the Kashmiri Pundits have to be rehabilitated'
  • And of course, the easy way out. 'Arundhati Roy is anti-national!'.
I was surprised then, to see a section of the Indian public openly advocating a just solution for the Kashmiris. It was also surprising to see the Indian government showing restraint and talking with the protestors - and letting them protest peacefully among chants of 'Azadi'.

Well, for a while at least.

Then the crackdown began - 20 battalions of CRPF troops entered Srinagar. Curfew was imposed. Recently introduced mobile services were interrupted. Separatist leaders were rounded up and arrested. SMS facilities, cable TV and Internet were shut down. Foreign journalists were expelled and local newspapers banned. Several people have been killed and hundreds injured.

A column in the New Indian Express attacked Arundhati Roy. In the absence of any valid arguments to counter her solid reasons, it sought instead to sully her image and thus, her opinion. (It's the same treatement even I face on Internet forums. When there's a complete absence of counter-arguments, the debate turns into a nasty, personal mudslinging match!) Instead, the column provided some statistics that milk production was higher in Kashmir (or something to that effect..) and thus, Kashmiris "weren't hurt" - and thus Arundhati Roy was clearly wrong.

The Indian government has once again tried to stifle the Kashmiri voice. The discovering of mass graves of thousands of unidentified bodies in Kashmir is only a slight indicator of the army atrocities. Tens of thousands have been killed, thousands have gone missing, rapes and executions are common. The government spends a shocking amount of money and resources into maintaining it's heavy military presence in the most densely militarized zone in the world.

Against this background, the Sangh Parivar and the VHP/RSS in Jammu continue to carry out blatantly communal acts of war against the Kashmiris by blocking the only highway linking the valley to India - and the government has proved quite inefficient against them. Despite the decades, India has failed to win over the hearts and minds of the Kashmiris. They still demand Azadi - and a right to self determination.

I've always noticed that the Indian public is, on an average, very reluctant (and in most cases, too ignorant of facts) to criticize itself, but quick to point fingers at the same time. I've seen numerous Indian commentators on forums pleading - rightly - for the sake of justice for the thousands of Kashmiri pundits who have been forced to flee the valley. But these same voices will continue to live in denial and delusion when it comes to admitting that there exists a massive human rights problem in Kashmir, and a highly repressive state.

The first step towards finding a solution is acknowledgement of the problem. [To quote from an example in Ms. Roy's essay.. trucks in the Indian mainland carry quotes as frightening as 'Dhoodh maango toh kheer denge, Kashmir maango toh cheer denge!']

I only wish this topic is discussed more extensively in the Indian media and public, with more reason and logic and less jingoistic pseudo-patriotic fervor. I strongly recommend that everyone read Arundhati Roy's poignant, effective essay - and educate themselves on the ground realities in Kashmir - and take a lead in giving Kashmiris their long suppressed right to self determination and dignity.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank the blessed Lord your sister got raped last week. I hope she suffered well. Her frightened screams and ravaged body ought to be the wake up call to you that you're just NOT WELCOME here. Yes, I DO mean you and all others of your dangerous cult. I just wish they'd butchered your feeble dad as well, hacked him limb by limb and thrown it to the dogs. That should teach you bastards a lesson.

Now listen, I have nothing against you.. but your folk, well... you HAVE to admit they're dangerous. You need to be eliminated from the face of this earth. It's simply in the best interests of everyone, really. Everyone will benefit from your violent ilk being exterminated. We hate violence. I condemn it myself. It's barbaric and has no place in a civilized society. That's why violence-loving vermin like you need to be hacked to pieces and burnt alive. How can ANYONE commit indiscriminate killings in the name of God? What kind of sick, barbaric religion condones that?! God willing, we shall carry out our dharm by ridding our blessed, holy land of every last one of you. No matter how much bloodshed ensues. It's God's will.

One cannot engage in any civilized dialogue with scumbags like you. You resort to name-calling at every opportunity when you could, instead, show SOME sign that you are inclusive and tolerant towards us, you filthy bastards. All of you are the same.. and tend to view us as if we were some kind of single reviled mob.

It's pathetic indeed that you haven't learnt to live WITH us or understand OUR social orders. You don't even make any efforts to understand our cultural sensibilities! Your alien ideologies make no sense to us. I even heard it's dangerous. It is, isn't it? That's why I'm telling you.. take them and leave our country! This country needs to be rid of the scourge of your ilk. Leave us tolerant folk in peace! We cannot stand you!....

[.. to be continued. Ad nauseam, ad infinitum - by a variety of bigots around this country, who are completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy]

Friday, June 20, 2008

Do it yourself, Balasaheb!

Why are some people so addicted to hatred?

Take this man for example.

He has the influence to change things so much for the better. Instead, now he's called for Hindu suicide squads to "counter 'Islamic' terror". (No, he's not arrested yet, nor is he likely to be. Welcome to India!)

Anyways, If you do happen to run into this Thackeray dude, do ask him:

1) Is it not weird that he's a Hitler wannabe?

2) What grouse does he really have against India's Muslim citizens?

3) With all that hatred inside him, does he often get stomach ulcers?

4) Why is Lesbianism against Indian culture?

5) What does secularism mean to him?

While you're at it, try to plead with him to kindly go blow himself up for his cause! Another Hindu's life can't be worth less than his, can it?

P.S. What makes Hindus laugh?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boycott 2008 Games.

China's poor human rights record - media suppression, rights violations and cyber crackdowns - is known to everyone in the world, except perhaps the Chinese public.

Condemn the IOC for having awarded the games to a country like China in the first place, and do your best to pressurize the governments to boycott these games.

Isn't it?!

Is it just me? Or do these two ACTUALLY look like sad copies of each other?! :p

Yikes! They even share the same initials! Gordon Brown... George Bush!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Indians are Hypocrites!

Last night, I heard that jarring speech again.
'India is the MOST beautiful country in the world! Our Indian values.. blah blah.. ethics... blah... multicultural, tolerant, blah, blah.. blah'
Balderdash! I wonder if the reason behind such jingoist claims is the fact that a lot of garbage is drilled into a billion brains everyday about so-called Indian 'tolerance'.
It's always fascinated me how almost every Indian I know - man, woman and child - lays claim to such moral high ground purely on the basis of their 'Indian'ness.

I've met people who are completely oblivious to their own narrow-mindedness, and yet speak as if they've inherited the mantle of virtue, hand woven by their noble ancestors.

Patriotism if all fine. But once it begins to distort the truth and diminish the lines between reality and absurdity, then it's time for a re-evaluation.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it is forcing 'patriotism' and 'Indian values' down our throats.

It's the same 'values' that cause inflamed mobs to create havoc over a movie that hadn't even been released. (The Bollywood movie 'Jodhaa Akbar' was successfully banned in at least ONE major Indian state over silly allegations.)
Zealots have poured vitriol on MF Husain, one of India's most celebrated artists - and forced him into exile. They accuse the painter of hurting Hindu sentiments by painting Hindu Godesses in the nude. These same bigots welcome Taslima Nasrin, the Bangladeshi writer, with open arms. though she's been accused of pretty much the same.
I remember hordes of nationalists crying foul over a work of art depicting a naked Icarus, of Greek Mythology, perched atop the Ashoka Pillar (adopted as the Indian emblem).

This is the land of the Kama Sutra, and the famous Khajuraho temples known explicit depictions of coitus - even bestiality. Yet, from the social taboos surrounding any mention or discussion of sex, GLBT relationships and public display of affection, you would think that the entire country's been religiously practicing abstinence for centuries (Which, of course, would leave a lot to account for, considering the burgeoning billion plus population!)
Sloganeering mobs forced a movie director Deepa Mehta, to abandon filming one of her movies, and successfully got another one dealing with lesbianism banned.
Shekar Kapur's Bandit Queen was banned as well. India was also perhaps the first country in the world to ban Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses over Muslim outrage.
Extremist, violent outfits like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, etc go on a rampage every Valentine's Day.. attacking anything red and heartshaped.
What's even more nauseating is the fact that they attack media outlets, protesting against being labeled ' violent'!
A dozen lawsuits are filed in various parts of the country against 'issues' as monumental as Richard Gere's 'kiss' that landed on Shilpa Shetty's cheeks, or a dress that a certain Tamil actress wore in public, or a viewpoint about premarital sex that another actress dared utter in public.

There's a 'free media' that revels in the story of the day. While the Indian media is relatively free, the mushrooming of 24 hour news channels have forced them to sensationalize trivial 'issues' and engage in the ratings game. (Ever heard Spiderman say 'With great power comes great responsiblity'? Kids know that stuff!)
There is no real freedom of expression (ask Salman Rushdie, MF Husain, Khushboo etc..) What can you say of a country where a couple can't walk hand in hand in public without the fear of being attacked by a morally outraged, saffron branded fundoo? These self-proclaimed custodians of the Indian culture get on my nerves.
The aspiring superpower that India is, it still has no space for any real, free debate, but generously accommodates vitriolic, firebrand politicians, dangerous provincialism, and language feuds.
Secularism in India means the involvement of the Government in every aspect of the religion, rather than the expected hands off approach. Come elections, and right wing parties polarize the electorate along religious lines, with often violent consequences. Perpetrators of anti-Sikh and anti-Muslim pogroms still roam free, bandying about their 'achievements' - and yes, still retain power.

It's sickening to see bastards like Narendra Modi get elected by landslide margins, not despite their communal agendas and ideology of hatred, but precisely BECAUSE of them.
Everything about the present day India reeks of narrow minded hypocrisy. From protests about a designer wearing a dress depicting the national flag, to the major fascinations for renaming cities (Bangalore is the latest victim. Brand name Bangalore is being corrupted to Bengalooru... and Mysore to Mysuru and God-know-what-else to God-knows-what esluu!)

The discriminations based on languages, ethnicity, castes, colour, religion, communal politics, riots and the impunity with which openly violent extremist outfits operate, and the hostility and violence associated with them clearly shows how little India has to show for its much trumpeted claims of being a 'peace-loving, tolerant, democratic' country.
The absence of any notable public outrage against these mindless protesters, communal politics - and the failure of the courts, constitution, public or government to eradicate or inhibit such activities in the least speaks a lot for the nation's conscience - or rather, the lack of one.

Yet children across the country begin each school day with the pledge '.. all Indians are my brothers and sisters..'.
Empty words ringing with hypocrisy - just like the mainstream rhetoric. That's India.

Update: EVERY country in the world is beautiful.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Root Nodule of all Evil!

I was so bored yesterday, I found myself searching for stuff like 'hyperinflation' on wikipedia. This one shocked me!
Inflation 1923-24: A German woman feeding a stove with currency notes, which burn longer than the amount of firewood they can buy
Can money really be so worthless?
Here's another tidbit I found on the article.
A trillion (T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N) Brazilian Cruzeiros from their hyperinflation days, is worth less than ONE US cent! Go figure!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Found on BBC!

'Israel buries victims of shooting'

How very thoughtful!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Black President?

5 Reasons why I want to see Obama become President:

1. Think about it! BLACK man in WHITE house! How WHACK is that!
2. This dude's sponsored legislations against racial profiling, and for universal health care, renewable energy and other marvelous shit.
3. Wants to pull out of Iraq before climax ;) Safety first!
4. Can actually speak English! Won't get 'misunderestimated' by no one! No ridiculous books on 'Barackisms' either!
5. Exposure to multiracial family, and Third World society which will hopefully translate into a less paranoid foreign policy!

5 Reasons why he may not make it there!:

1. His middle name! C'mon! 'Hussein'?! Didn't they just hang one of 'em?
2. Mass xenophobia on seeing Obama wearing a Somali dress!
3. His foreign policy initiatives likely to be called 'bling bling'!
4. Media dumbed Americans - the evening before polls can be deciding factor.
5. No one's gonna be able to pull out of Iraq before climax, not even Obama!

  • Bonus!
5 Reasons why 'President' Hillary would spoil all the fun! :
  1. Ice Queen.
  2. Voted for the War! Voted for the War! Partly responsible for over 81 000 (E-I-G-H-T-Y-O-N-E THOUSAND) deaths.
  3. Too white, conservative upbringing. (Not what we need right now!)
  4. Will stagnate the tops of all the 'Most Powerful Women' lists for 5 years, if elected.
  5. What would Billy boy become? The 'First Gentleman'?

Attaboy Ataturk!

Turkey to commission team to revise and reinterpret the Hadith and bring Islam into the 'mainstream'!

This had better be good!

P.S. - The Turkish Army and the country's elite strongly safeguards the secular structure of the state set up by that genius Mustafa Kemal Pasha aka Ataturk. On the other hand, the Indians first bumped off Gandhi and then, his values... the irony! And the blinding contrast!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Illiterate Coins!

Some people need to be kept permanently anesthetized, just like their brains.

I just read this paranoid outburst from this very 'patriotic' asshole, who was absolutely horrified at seeing a new Indian 2-rupee coin (which has since been withdrawn)

Don't get me wrong! I just love people who think the entire world is a CIA conspiracy! I mean, just read this guys post!
Seeing a shiny, metallic piece of change got him thinking about Italian-led governments, the prospect of a Christian takeover of Hindu India, conspiracy, the sacrilege of replacing the 'beautiful' map of India with a hideous 'cross', the sinister 'motives', shady theories about Sonia Gandhi baptizing the Reserve Bank of India - not to mention the blasphemous act of 'smudging or omitting' of the words 'Satyameva Jayate' from the coin.

Of course, the RBI mumbled something about a National Integration Cross, and then withdrew the coins. :-/
On the other hand, his post is a brilliant example of paranoid, xenophobic, fundamentalist and outrageous - oh, I mean - 'mainstream' thinking.

This 'mainstream' thinking has led to the withdrawal of the aforementioned coins, and circulation of a completely new design, that appears to be more 'handy'. The new two rupee coin actually shows 2 fingers (Ah! Not those!) I mean a hand indicating TWO!
Come again?! For the benefit of the illiterate aam aadmi? I wonder what's the logic behind these 'illiterate coins'. If you ask me, they look DUMB! Visual depictions of the value! I wonder if even the ancient kingdoms in this ancient land resorted to such lunacy.

What next, I wonder?
10 rupee notes showing Gandhi's T-E-N carefully stretched-out fingers? 100 rupee notes depicting smoke signals to indicate 100? Coins showing 5 fishes swimming in the Indian Ocean? Idiots.

At the end of his post this retired IAS officer, Mr. V Sundaram puts forward the following truly terrifying 'possibilities':

How many Hindus have noticed the new two-rupee coins bearing the 'Christian Cross'?

* Is the secular government of India openly using the sign like the Cross on Indian coins to encourage the spread of Christianity in India?

* Is the UPA-led government of Manmohan Singh favouring the Christian community just to keep the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi in good humour?

* Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acting as a mere puppet of Sonia Gandhi who is behaving like a de facto Empress of India?

First of all - why Hindus? Are these sacrilegious coins just targeted at Hindus? Last time I checked there were Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees, Tribals, Agnostics and even Atheists living in this country. Why then does Mr. V Sundaram call upon 'Hindu' Patriots to join his 'cause'? Curious huh?
Erm... since he talks of people who don't subscribe to his perverted ideology as 'Hindu baiters', I presume I'm one too. Just to keep Mr. Sundaram happy, I hereby state that YES, India was indeed trying to use the Cross on Indian coins as part of a sinister plan hatched to spread evil Christian ideologies throughout the holy motherland, and financial geniuses like Manmohan Singh have no better job than to design coins to keep 'Italian Christian' Sonia Gandhi in good humor, and oh yes, Sonia is just on the verge of officially crowning herself the Empress of India! And you will lose your knickers today, and the beasts under your bed are about to grab you! Everything you ever feared is true! AII-E-E-E-E-EEEE-EAGH-H!
Your worst fears are hereby confirmed!!