Friday, November 28, 2008

India's 9/11? Ha. Ha.

Certain (far more) important things kept me away from commenting on Indian politics lately. ;-)

To begin with, the Maldivian democracy movement finally culminated in the peaceful deposing of a 30 year old dictatorship through an electoral process.

We now have a YOUNG(and by 'young', I don't mean 55) and energetic new president.

Note that the country's first democratic elections saw no violence, no riots, nor any attempts to hijack the election.

Instead, the new and old leadership have decided to work together during the transition phase.

It's also important to note that new government is working on improving investments and business friendly policies and privatizations. Of improving students performances in secondary level exams.

They're also talking of future planning - and investing in land in another country, in case Global warming results in the low lying Maldive islands disappearing under the sea.

In short, they are thinking of GOVERNING, rather than merely clinging onto power. No sloganeering, no vindictiveness, no hatred, no populism for mere votes.

I'm proud of the way it turned out. Maybe India can learn a lesson or two from us. It's an honest thought.

But coming back to India. It's horrifying to see the continuing terrorist attack in Mumbai.. The sheer scale of violence and the audacity of the perpetrators in coming out in the open is indeed frightening.

It's a moment I thought the country would come together and stand united in the face of terror.

Instead, I see electoral glee on the faces of the BJP led opposition. Seeing the fortunes dip for the ruling Congress, they're firing missives and 'letters'.. and making announcements of their poll planks.

Some people are trying to label it India's 9/11.. But I don't agree. On 9/11, all the Americans stood united - cutting across ideological lines, party affiliations, race, color or ethnicity - Democrats and Republicans and third parties stood UNITED and STRONG behind President Bush in that hour.

I don't see anything of that sort happening in India. Front page reports are weighing such a brazen terrorist attack in terms of electoral gains and losses.

It got me thinking. Hundreds of horrific deaths, constant explosions, a raging fire and continuing violence by anti-Nationals - and they find time to think about VOTES?

Speaks much for India's 'leaders'.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is this Sharia?

This is revolting. Raped and murdered by law.

If there's a God, may He bless all those killed in his name.

Is there no end to fanaticism?