Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Observe the BJP & Enjoy the Pop Corn!

The irony is killing me!

To think this man was running for his much desire PMship on a 'Strong, Decisive Leader' slogan?

Look at LK Advani now. His meek, helpless countenance as he helplessly pores over his rapidly imploding party.

Of course, I'm totally enjoying the show. With pop corn too.

I have no intentions of reading Jaswant Singh's book. (Neither does Modi or Sushma Swaraj or any BJP leader - except perhaps Advani , for that matter)

But the book HAS been able to rip apart the charade of PURPOSE in a directionless party that doesn't know if it ought to be a leader of a rapidly modernizing India, or a slave to a discredited narrow dogma.

I doubt if Jaswant Singh was surprised by his crude dismissal. He must have known very well what he was doing when he entered Jinnah territory while sitting on an RSS sponsored chair.

Getting kicked out was inevitable. (Ask Advaniji) I think Jaswant just didn't give a shit anymore.

The drama following the release of the book has exposed the long lying problem with the BJP. Namely, the vice-grip over the party exercised by the RSS.

This is obvious in the way Jaswant Singh (a non-RSS ex-army man) was expelled for the offence of THINKING independently, without being given a chance to defend himself.

Whereas open critics like Arun Shourie (party leader and RSS idealogue) who conferred the entire Top Leadership of the party with charming little nicknames ranging from "Humpty Dumpty" to "Alice in Blunderland" has been kindly asked to "explain" his endearments.

The idea is simple. You can piss on the party leadership, as long as you regularly genuflect before the almighty RSS.

This has to change if the BJP is to survive in the long run.

I'm no great fan of the BJP or its saffron politics. But I do believe that India could do with a genuine modern Centre-Right National party to counterbalance the liberal-leaning Congress. (I speak strictly in National interest. Watching BJP curl up and die will be of huge personal satisfaction to me)

It would only help the BJP to snap its ties with the RSS dinosaur (which serves absolutely no purpose in the country, except during communal riots) and turn towards the Atal Behari Vajpayee brand of moderate politics that will see the BJP regain its middle class appeal.

Vajpayee was adored by Indians. Not "Hindus". The BJP can perhaps *attempt* to please the same crowd and hope to regain some relevance.

Perhaps saner individuals within the party could cobble together a new political force - minus the hateful, anti-Muslim, minority-bashing rhetoric.

Or Ya know, leave the current BJP to the lowly likes of Modi and Varun Gandhi and MOVE ON, like the rest of India.

It's about time the Arun Jaitleys and Shivraj Singh Chauhans came together and did a Jaswant - look squarely at the RSS and say 'We just don't give a shit anymore.'

Until then, it's pop corn time for me. :-)

P.S. - Why is anyone surprised that Hindutva firebrand and Gujju chief Minister Narendra Modi JS's book- probably without even reading it? We've always known that Modi simply doesn't care for books that are at clear odds with his stated ideology. Like the Constitution, in the past.