Monday, April 13, 2009

Strong Man Advani.

Even a blind man, I believe, would now be sick of the Advani ad blitzkrieg.

You want a strong leader? Advani's the man! Strong! strong! Strong he is!

(On the other hand if you wish to settle for a (sigh!) 'weak' prime minister *points at Dr. Manmohan Singh* vote for him!)

Forgive me for not taking the BJP's word for it. But what exactly has LK Advani achieved in his entire career?

Am I mistaken in believing he owes his entire public standing to a Rath Yatra that caused some Indian blood to be spilt at each pitstop?

What exactly makes him a 'strong' leader again?

Is it his bold decision to resort to cheap Mandir/Masjid politics that gives him his superhuman strength? Or is it his resolute and steadfast decision to stand by Genocide perpetrators in his party?

Lately, Mr LK 'Strong' Advani also cannot seem to digest the news of a terrorist attack in the country. Dr Manmohan Singh is apparently 'weak' on terrorism.

Advani, the 'tough on terror' strong leader that he is, conveniently forgets that in his days, he BOLDLY decided to free terrorists who have since unleashed a spate of attacks on the country. No. Wait. He didn't 'know about it'.

One would think that stuff like Akshardham temple attacks simply didn't happen under the watch of 'strong' Advaniji.

Funny that this very man called for resignation of the entire UPA government over the Mumbai attacks.

Advani, the resolute leader that he is, publicly declared Jinnah a 'secular' man while in Pakistan (which he probably was.. but shh!) This politician finds it convenient to change his 'principles' whenever required.

Remember the time when Advani declared Ayodhya the 'saddest day' of his life? Never mind that he never found it necessary to apologize for the bloodbath.

Nerves of steel, indeed.

This man's entire career is built on an issue of 'National importance' like a temple and a mosque in Ayodhya. When that doesn't work, of course, there's always Sethusamudram. Exactly the kind of things a strong 'National' leader comes up with.

During his stints as Home minister and Deputy Prime Minister, if he's ever done anything 'strong' or 'decisive', it has escaped me completely.

Unless Advani has some sort of Weightlifting/Armwrestling medal tucked away somewhere, I do wonder on what basis he is putting up billboards all over the country declaring himself a 'Strong Leader'.

Why is Advani 'strong' again?