Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keechad, Kamal and Kundali

Ah! The Irony!

After all that time spent by the National Divisive Alliance trying to dangerously polarize the country... After all the time the it spent trying to prop up an old, underachieving codger as a 'Strong, Decisive leader'.. after all the time it spent on trying to label a decent, non-politician gentleman Prime Minister as a 'weakest' PM.. and after all the insanely In-Your-Face publicity campaign involving music videos, giant posters and a billion google ads, rabble-rouser Advani went to the polls.

And India replied by showing a big middle finger to his brand of cheap, negative politics.

Lalu Prasad was right.

Prime Ministership just wasn't written in Advani's kundali.

So much blood has been spilt, so much hatred spread and so many painful wounds have been inflicted upon India and its people, just to keep this joker in the reckoning for his much desired Prime Ministership.

Was it ever surprising that every single time the BJP or its family of militant sister organizations needed a little publicity or a few assured votes, it didn't hesitate to put the country aflame with extreme hatred and violent rhetoric?

Truly. The kamal only blooms in a lot of keechad.

I'm glad the secular, peace-loving India is having the last laugh.