Saturday, March 22, 2008

Indians are Hypocrites!

Last night, I heard that jarring speech again.
'India is the MOST beautiful country in the world! Our Indian values.. blah blah.. ethics... blah... multicultural, tolerant, blah, blah.. blah'
Balderdash! I wonder if the reason behind such jingoist claims is the fact that a lot of garbage is drilled into a billion brains everyday about so-called Indian 'tolerance'.
It's always fascinated me how almost every Indian I know - man, woman and child - lays claim to such moral high ground purely on the basis of their 'Indian'ness.

I've met people who are completely oblivious to their own narrow-mindedness, and yet speak as if they've inherited the mantle of virtue, hand woven by their noble ancestors.

Patriotism if all fine. But once it begins to distort the truth and diminish the lines between reality and absurdity, then it's time for a re-evaluation.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it is forcing 'patriotism' and 'Indian values' down our throats.

It's the same 'values' that cause inflamed mobs to create havoc over a movie that hadn't even been released. (The Bollywood movie 'Jodhaa Akbar' was successfully banned in at least ONE major Indian state over silly allegations.)
Zealots have poured vitriol on MF Husain, one of India's most celebrated artists - and forced him into exile. They accuse the painter of hurting Hindu sentiments by painting Hindu Godesses in the nude. These same bigots welcome Taslima Nasrin, the Bangladeshi writer, with open arms. though she's been accused of pretty much the same.
I remember hordes of nationalists crying foul over a work of art depicting a naked Icarus, of Greek Mythology, perched atop the Ashoka Pillar (adopted as the Indian emblem).

This is the land of the Kama Sutra, and the famous Khajuraho temples known explicit depictions of coitus - even bestiality. Yet, from the social taboos surrounding any mention or discussion of sex, GLBT relationships and public display of affection, you would think that the entire country's been religiously practicing abstinence for centuries (Which, of course, would leave a lot to account for, considering the burgeoning billion plus population!)
Sloganeering mobs forced a movie director Deepa Mehta, to abandon filming one of her movies, and successfully got another one dealing with lesbianism banned.
Shekar Kapur's Bandit Queen was banned as well. India was also perhaps the first country in the world to ban Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses over Muslim outrage.
Extremist, violent outfits like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, etc go on a rampage every Valentine's Day.. attacking anything red and heartshaped.
What's even more nauseating is the fact that they attack media outlets, protesting against being labeled ' violent'!
A dozen lawsuits are filed in various parts of the country against 'issues' as monumental as Richard Gere's 'kiss' that landed on Shilpa Shetty's cheeks, or a dress that a certain Tamil actress wore in public, or a viewpoint about premarital sex that another actress dared utter in public.

There's a 'free media' that revels in the story of the day. While the Indian media is relatively free, the mushrooming of 24 hour news channels have forced them to sensationalize trivial 'issues' and engage in the ratings game. (Ever heard Spiderman say 'With great power comes great responsiblity'? Kids know that stuff!)
There is no real freedom of expression (ask Salman Rushdie, MF Husain, Khushboo etc..) What can you say of a country where a couple can't walk hand in hand in public without the fear of being attacked by a morally outraged, saffron branded fundoo? These self-proclaimed custodians of the Indian culture get on my nerves.
The aspiring superpower that India is, it still has no space for any real, free debate, but generously accommodates vitriolic, firebrand politicians, dangerous provincialism, and language feuds.
Secularism in India means the involvement of the Government in every aspect of the religion, rather than the expected hands off approach. Come elections, and right wing parties polarize the electorate along religious lines, with often violent consequences. Perpetrators of anti-Sikh and anti-Muslim pogroms still roam free, bandying about their 'achievements' - and yes, still retain power.

It's sickening to see bastards like Narendra Modi get elected by landslide margins, not despite their communal agendas and ideology of hatred, but precisely BECAUSE of them.
Everything about the present day India reeks of narrow minded hypocrisy. From protests about a designer wearing a dress depicting the national flag, to the major fascinations for renaming cities (Bangalore is the latest victim. Brand name Bangalore is being corrupted to Bengalooru... and Mysore to Mysuru and God-know-what-else to God-knows-what esluu!)

The discriminations based on languages, ethnicity, castes, colour, religion, communal politics, riots and the impunity with which openly violent extremist outfits operate, and the hostility and violence associated with them clearly shows how little India has to show for its much trumpeted claims of being a 'peace-loving, tolerant, democratic' country.
The absence of any notable public outrage against these mindless protesters, communal politics - and the failure of the courts, constitution, public or government to eradicate or inhibit such activities in the least speaks a lot for the nation's conscience - or rather, the lack of one.

Yet children across the country begin each school day with the pledge '.. all Indians are my brothers and sisters..'.
Empty words ringing with hypocrisy - just like the mainstream rhetoric. That's India.

Update: EVERY country in the world is beautiful.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Root Nodule of all Evil!

I was so bored yesterday, I found myself searching for stuff like 'hyperinflation' on wikipedia. This one shocked me!
Inflation 1923-24: A German woman feeding a stove with currency notes, which burn longer than the amount of firewood they can buy
Can money really be so worthless?
Here's another tidbit I found on the article.
A trillion (T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N) Brazilian Cruzeiros from their hyperinflation days, is worth less than ONE US cent! Go figure!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Found on BBC!

'Israel buries victims of shooting'

How very thoughtful!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Black President?

5 Reasons why I want to see Obama become President:

1. Think about it! BLACK man in WHITE house! How WHACK is that!
2. This dude's sponsored legislations against racial profiling, and for universal health care, renewable energy and other marvelous shit.
3. Wants to pull out of Iraq before climax ;) Safety first!
4. Can actually speak English! Won't get 'misunderestimated' by no one! No ridiculous books on 'Barackisms' either!
5. Exposure to multiracial family, and Third World society which will hopefully translate into a less paranoid foreign policy!

5 Reasons why he may not make it there!:

1. His middle name! C'mon! 'Hussein'?! Didn't they just hang one of 'em?
2. Mass xenophobia on seeing Obama wearing a Somali dress!
3. His foreign policy initiatives likely to be called 'bling bling'!
4. Media dumbed Americans - the evening before polls can be deciding factor.
5. No one's gonna be able to pull out of Iraq before climax, not even Obama!

  • Bonus!
5 Reasons why 'President' Hillary would spoil all the fun! :
  1. Ice Queen.
  2. Voted for the War! Voted for the War! Partly responsible for over 81 000 (E-I-G-H-T-Y-O-N-E THOUSAND) deaths.
  3. Too white, conservative upbringing. (Not what we need right now!)
  4. Will stagnate the tops of all the 'Most Powerful Women' lists for 5 years, if elected.
  5. What would Billy boy become? The 'First Gentleman'?

Attaboy Ataturk!

Turkey to commission team to revise and reinterpret the Hadith and bring Islam into the 'mainstream'!

This had better be good!

P.S. - The Turkish Army and the country's elite strongly safeguards the secular structure of the state set up by that genius Mustafa Kemal Pasha aka Ataturk. On the other hand, the Indians first bumped off Gandhi and then, his values... the irony! And the blinding contrast!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Illiterate Coins!

Some people need to be kept permanently anesthetized, just like their brains.

I just read this paranoid outburst from this very 'patriotic' asshole, who was absolutely horrified at seeing a new Indian 2-rupee coin (which has since been withdrawn)

Don't get me wrong! I just love people who think the entire world is a CIA conspiracy! I mean, just read this guys post!
Seeing a shiny, metallic piece of change got him thinking about Italian-led governments, the prospect of a Christian takeover of Hindu India, conspiracy, the sacrilege of replacing the 'beautiful' map of India with a hideous 'cross', the sinister 'motives', shady theories about Sonia Gandhi baptizing the Reserve Bank of India - not to mention the blasphemous act of 'smudging or omitting' of the words 'Satyameva Jayate' from the coin.

Of course, the RBI mumbled something about a National Integration Cross, and then withdrew the coins. :-/
On the other hand, his post is a brilliant example of paranoid, xenophobic, fundamentalist and outrageous - oh, I mean - 'mainstream' thinking.

This 'mainstream' thinking has led to the withdrawal of the aforementioned coins, and circulation of a completely new design, that appears to be more 'handy'. The new two rupee coin actually shows 2 fingers (Ah! Not those!) I mean a hand indicating TWO!
Come again?! For the benefit of the illiterate aam aadmi? I wonder what's the logic behind these 'illiterate coins'. If you ask me, they look DUMB! Visual depictions of the value! I wonder if even the ancient kingdoms in this ancient land resorted to such lunacy.

What next, I wonder?
10 rupee notes showing Gandhi's T-E-N carefully stretched-out fingers? 100 rupee notes depicting smoke signals to indicate 100? Coins showing 5 fishes swimming in the Indian Ocean? Idiots.

At the end of his post this retired IAS officer, Mr. V Sundaram puts forward the following truly terrifying 'possibilities':

How many Hindus have noticed the new two-rupee coins bearing the 'Christian Cross'?

* Is the secular government of India openly using the sign like the Cross on Indian coins to encourage the spread of Christianity in India?

* Is the UPA-led government of Manmohan Singh favouring the Christian community just to keep the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi in good humour?

* Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acting as a mere puppet of Sonia Gandhi who is behaving like a de facto Empress of India?

First of all - why Hindus? Are these sacrilegious coins just targeted at Hindus? Last time I checked there were Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees, Tribals, Agnostics and even Atheists living in this country. Why then does Mr. V Sundaram call upon 'Hindu' Patriots to join his 'cause'? Curious huh?
Erm... since he talks of people who don't subscribe to his perverted ideology as 'Hindu baiters', I presume I'm one too. Just to keep Mr. Sundaram happy, I hereby state that YES, India was indeed trying to use the Cross on Indian coins as part of a sinister plan hatched to spread evil Christian ideologies throughout the holy motherland, and financial geniuses like Manmohan Singh have no better job than to design coins to keep 'Italian Christian' Sonia Gandhi in good humor, and oh yes, Sonia is just on the verge of officially crowning herself the Empress of India! And you will lose your knickers today, and the beasts under your bed are about to grab you! Everything you ever feared is true! AII-E-E-E-E-EEEE-EAGH-H!
Your worst fears are hereby confirmed!!