Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Black President?

5 Reasons why I want to see Obama become President:

1. Think about it! BLACK man in WHITE house! How WHACK is that!
2. This dude's sponsored legislations against racial profiling, and for universal health care, renewable energy and other marvelous shit.
3. Wants to pull out of Iraq before climax ;) Safety first!
4. Can actually speak English! Won't get 'misunderestimated' by no one! No ridiculous books on 'Barackisms' either!
5. Exposure to multiracial family, and Third World society which will hopefully translate into a less paranoid foreign policy!

5 Reasons why he may not make it there!:

1. His middle name! C'mon! 'Hussein'?! Didn't they just hang one of 'em?
2. Mass xenophobia on seeing Obama wearing a Somali dress!
3. His foreign policy initiatives likely to be called 'bling bling'!
4. Media dumbed Americans - the evening before polls can be deciding factor.
5. No one's gonna be able to pull out of Iraq before climax, not even Obama!

  • Bonus!
5 Reasons why 'President' Hillary would spoil all the fun! :
  1. Ice Queen.
  2. Voted for the War! Voted for the War! Partly responsible for over 81 000 (E-I-G-H-T-Y-O-N-E THOUSAND) deaths.
  3. Too white, conservative upbringing. (Not what we need right now!)
  4. Will stagnate the tops of all the 'Most Powerful Women' lists for 5 years, if elected.
  5. What would Billy boy become? The 'First Gentleman'?