Monday, October 27, 2008

Are all Hindus Terrorists?

It started with the news of Christians being driven out of their homes, chased into the forest and being murdered in Orissa by Hindutva fanatics.

The pretext for these attacks offered by the Sangh Parivar leaders was that it was 'an emotional response' to the murder of a certain VHP leader by 'so called' Maoists. (Quite an influential leader, this Swami Lakshmananda must have been, for his followers are STILL in the same 'emotional state' even 2 whole months after his murder, and show no signs of coming to terms with their difficult loss anytime soon.)

Their unusually strong emotional distress unfortunately spread to Karnataka, where the newly elected BJP government lost no time in fulfilling its promise of following the 'Gujarat Model' and made the state its new laboratory for the Hindutva 'experiment'.

A church just in my backyard was AMONG THE FIRST TO BE ATTACKED in Karnataka. The desecrated, broken statue of Christ in that church came to represent the horror of HINDUTVA.

Then the emotional distress reached Kerala.

Christians continue to be under attack from violent 'emotional' Hindu groups. Overnight, the churches and nuns became Hindutva's favorite targets.

It was horrifying, yes. But at the same time, I couldn't help but feel a slight sense of selfish relief.


To begin with - for the first time, it wasn't the Muslims who had to bear the brunt of the Sangh's vitriol. Defending murdered Christians did not constitute 'MINORITY APPEASEMENT' - for Christians do not form any sizeable vote bank.

Yes, and for the first time, it was acknowledged that a 'Hindu' organization, namely the BAJRANG DAL , was responsible and not some sinister ISI plot, jehadi 'sleeper cell' or an 'Islamic conspiracy'.

It was no longer the 'aliens' or 'local pakistanis' or 'mullahs' or 'Islamic terrorists' etc. who were perpetrating 'mindless violence against innocents'. This time, it was the PSEUDO-HINDUTVIS. (Hey, I just like the word 'pseudo', all right?)

As the 'HOPELESSLY BIASED' media started digging deeper, a pattern began to emerge. Home grown religious terrorism - that, for a change, had nothing to do with 'Islam'.

Just a month ago, I wondered aloud on this blog whether 'terrorism' was a Muslim copyright - and was exasperated at the way the Hindutva mobs got away with terrorism, WITHOUT THE LABEL or the stigma.

Not anymore.

For the first time ever, the words 'Hindu terrorists' began to appear in headlines. A true defining moment in journalism. Beat this! 'Hindu terrorism' now even has an 'EPICENTRE'! Indore!

There's more. Hindu terrorists are not even 'MISGUIDED YOUTH'. They are EDUCATED fanatics and hardcore professionals (a little green, yes. But will mature in no time with Bal-T's blessings)

By this point, all REAL secular people (like LK Advani.. as opposed to the rest of us, who are just 'so called' pseudo-wanabes) must have arrived at the logical conclusion that, without doubt, Hinduism is the ROOT CAUSE of all terrorism!

It must surely be IN THE RELIGION itself that Hindu fanatics find it their true calling to explode bombs and kill innocents!

For the terrorists include a certain Sadhvi who has SHARED A PEDESTAL with pseudo-Hindutvi NARENDRA MODI!

There's no denying it. It was purely 'religious' terrorism - and for a change, that religion was NOT Islam. It was Hinduism!. What a heavy load off my back!

A BLAST IN THANE.. a BOMB in Malegaon.. one in Modasa... RIOTS IN RABODI.. VIOLENCE in Mumbai.. EXPLOSIONS in Kanpur.. another in Nanded.. so many innocents, WOMEN and CHILDREN KILLED by explosions...

And for the first time ever, the list of names of the hooded terrorists read 'Shyamlal Sahu, Shivnarayan Singh and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur alias Poornachetanand Pragya Singh Thakur. Unmistakably 'Hindu' names. Not some random Abdullah or Anees. A real life Thakur, no less!

Yes. I took deep, forbidden pleasure in it.

It was sheer joy to to see the Saffron brigade exasperatedly trying to deny a LINK BETWEEN THE HINDUTVA AGENDA and the apprehended terrorists.

It was truly music to my ears to hear all the RSS Islamophobes who make a living off commenting on news websites crying foul, and trying HARD to resist swallowing this bitter pill.

Must be hard being a Hindutvi at the moment. * sigh! *

The perverse pleasure of seeing Sangh leaders breaking sweat and pleading 'There IS NO SUCH THING AS HINDU TERRORISM' was quite satisfying.

NOW they say religion has 'nothing' to do with terrorism!

Wasn't that what we pseudo-secularists have been saying for a long time? Didn't the "So-Called Liberals" like me NOT repeat a gazillion times that 'terrorism has no religion'? Who was so smug back then?

I had the strong urge to go on as many forums I could and needle all the RSS fans till they wept and milk the moment for all it's worth. Watching them squirm would make my day any day.

It was an opportune moment for me to QUOTE FROM THE MANU SMRITI and the Gita to 'prove' conclusively that Hinduism and terrorism went hand-in-hand.

It was a shining opportunity for me to label all Hindus as terrorists and MAKE THEM realize what it feels like. It was so easy to go ballistic , bust some Hindutvi balls and rub egg in their faces.

The 'All terrorists are Muslims' line has officially been relegated to the trash bin. Some terrorists are now Hindu Sadhvis. (Dare an RSS fanatic throw that line at me EVER AGAIN, and I'm going to make him repent!)

What of the wonderful BJP MP Yogi Adityanath who has no qualms about publicly equating being 'ANTI TERRORIST' with being 'ANTI-MUSLIM'?

Surely, by his own demented logic, REAL secularists like him ought to be 'anti-Hindu' now. Poor sod.

And wait! What's this?! Muslim 'leaders' are now talking of 'counter-terrorism'! This is clearly an improvement, and comparable to 'reconversion' and 'revenge' and 'retaliation' tactics of Hindutvis.

See? What goes around comes around, Advani
ji. Violence breeds violence.

The tables have turned big time. The SANGH PARIVAR WILL NOW FACE THE HEAT for the terrorism that they have been fostering all along in the name of 'rashtrawaadis' and 'Hindu nationalism'.

Like I said. It was a moment of tremendous relief.

As the icing on the cake, I savored the moment of that PSEUDO-MARATHI VERMIN, Raj Thakeray's HUMILIATING ARREST. The government took a long time to take a dump, but finally managed to heap the Thakeray with a pile of cases in a few dozen places.

AND YET, my joy was very, very temporary. A momentary heady feeling that came crashing down in no time. It was immediately replaced with profound sadness. And shame.

I read a report about the blasts by these terrorists. A dozen innocents - including a 10 year old girl - was killed in one of these 'Hindu' terror attacks, that were ostensibly to 'avenge' earlier 'Jehadi/Islamic/Muslim' terror attacks.

Avenge WHO for crying out loud!

Once again, it was the common Indian man - and girl - whose life was snuffed out by acts of mindless violence by violent fanatics. It was heart rending.

Does the little girl who died in Malegaon care about the religion of the person who planted death in her budding life?
Does the young girl in Orissa, now burnt and scarred for life, care in WHICH god's name she was ruthlessly attacked?

Does the Nun, WHO WAS GANGRAPED by a bunch of soul-less animals, find any solace in the fact that it was the 'other God's' footmen who violated her?

Does their outrage have any religous connotation? I think not. It's a very human scream of anguish and pain that comes from them. Their tears are human tears, not christian tears or muslim tears. Their loss is a human loss. Their horrific sufferings are a reflection of our collective depravity - and our addiction to violence.

These are but just three of THOUSANDS of Indians suffering in the country, all thanks to the divisive politics of hate spread by the mainstream Saffron parties and Jehadi groups, each feeding the other.

The loser is neither the Hindu, nor the Muslim.. it's the Indian on the street.

It's YOU and YOUR family and YOUR friends and YOUR countrymen, YOUR fellow Indians and YOUR womenfolk being killed, brutalized, raped and burnt out there, and it is YOU who is sitting here and complimenting the perpetrators, justifying their violence, applauding them, and in doing so, JOINING THEM.

Indeed, it's India which is burning with the flames of communal politics. The politics of right wing radicalism, that of hatred, xenophobia, mistrust, anger and division. Of riots and killings and murder. Of dangerous rhetoric, emotive issues and fiery speeches... Where is the LOVE that binds all the Indians together?

I'm afraid it has been lost in all the inflammatory speeches of the pseudo-Ram Bhakts.

Yet, as a proud 'pseudo-secularist', I once again reassert - there IS NO SUCH THING as a 'HINDU terrorist' or an 'Islamic Terrorist'.

There's only terrorism and those who condone them. And it's upto the proud 'so-called liberals' to raise their voices against cheap, violent divisive politics that has never done anyone any good, except perhaps that pseudo-Gujarati, Narendra Modi.

A 'So-Called Liberal' cum pseudo-secularist.


Anonymous said...

I just came to ur blog and read urs 'What More Can We Do?'. I liked it very much. But this one is "nonsense at it's best" to put it simply. Labelling all Hindus as terrorists is as stupid as labelling all muslims as terrorists. I am a Hindu living in a Muslim area and have some very good muslim friends. You have been balming the right-wing ppl for targeting the Muslims. But there is not much difference between them and you.

Yaamyn said...

Hey anonymous. Thanks indeed for reading and approving of my last post.

YOu would have approved of this one too, had you read through it till then END!

Just read the last two paragraphs at least. (I'm sorry, it got kinda long and tedious to read)

HINDUS ARE NOT terrorists! The title "ALL HINDUS ARE TERRORISTS' was a play on Sangh Parivar's oft stated sentence 'All Muslims are terrorists'. It was misleading on purpose.

However, to prevent further confusion, I'll alter the title a bit.

Hope you read it one more time! :-)


1conoclast said...



anon, you've obviously not read the whole post.

1conoclast said...

Came back just to add...


Can't get over it.

Read my post on the Mutiny about this? Not half as good, but did you?

Control Freak said...

i too just hate it when ppl choose to say what is easy instead of what is right, using generalizations in order to define a group or race of ppl and the usage of stereotypes.

we both may not agree on the topic of secularism, but i welcome u aboard the Aneh Dhivehiraaje Express :)

Yaamyn said...

@1con: Thnx. Yes, I've read your post and commented on it too. Sounds like another debate on the mutiny!

@control: Yeah, it sure sucks. We Maldivians aren't really familiar with it, but here in India - it screams out of everywhere.

Let's hope our newfound democracy stays clear of these kind of violent politics.

Meanwhile! Celebrate! We're finally free of dictatorship! :p

abhijith said...
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abhijith said...
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