Monday, October 20, 2008

Two can play this game.


LK Advani :
I'm secular.

Me: I'm a pink elephant in a fuzzy tutu dancing on a circus ball.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yaamyn,I read the post the day you posted it..Sinc ei had no clue of what it is, i thought of understand through comments and thus hide my dumbness..Err,wonder why nobody commented..

Whatz up these days??Few posts??Keep writing..

Good day

1conoclast said...

Who says nobody commented. People did on his other blog!

Yaamyn said...

Well, Nimmi.. I kind of posted this post earlier on 1conoclast's blog. Most people read it there, and shared their comments there too.. :-)

THnx 1con.

@lankr1ta said...

Hey I think the second is still more likely to be true than the first!

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