Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seek the Truth. :-)

Nimmy has a wonderful post here that'll enlighten anyone who wishes to be enlightened about the Qur'an.

Dr. Hussain Ibish, Ph.D. has another excellent post here, about extreme radical interpretations by Islamist fundamentalists as well as Islamophobes. Read it in its entirety!

Follow the other links on this wonderful website that aims to curb racism and Islamophobia by spreading awareness of true Islam. It's a pretty comprehensive site, and should answer those who seek an answer.

Hindutvis may avoid the exercise, and go read rediff forums or something. :p


Nimmy said...

Thanks for linking Yaamyn..Im honoured and my effort feels worth it:)

I guess you typed your link incorrectly,to the last comment you wrote in my blog..It was doubt.blogspot.com and when i went to that link,it was somebody else.so i got confused..and there was no incoming link too..lol..Now its clear which Yaamyn was that :)

Thanks :)

Reading makes wonders to those hearts which is open minded ,even i learned lot..

Yaamyn said...

You're welcome, Nimmy! That was one hell of a post - least I could do is tell everyone!

Sorry about the link. Haste gets the better of me.

Keep reading, and keep writing such lovely posts.

comfortably numb said...

thnx 4 d links

Ye manzilen !! said...

Awesome dude...again!
You da man!

1conoclast said...

Thanks for the links. Nimmy's was a laudable effort.

More education available here:


Nimmy said...

Hmm..where did my comemnt i posted yesterday vanish????????????

You have been tagged :) pls visit my blog ..

Yaamyn said...

@comfortably numb : You're welcome

@ye manzilein : thanx :-) spread the good word!

@1con: you're welcome. and thanks for the link!

@nimmy : Thnx.. I'll get around to filling that tag!

Ye manzilen !! said...

Dude see what u think about this article.


Pinku said...


are the hindus the only ones who need to know what true Islam is?

I think a lot many of those who call themselves Muslims also need the same lessons.

So do the Christians, Sikhs and others of different faiths.

Dont get so disillusioned that your language starts mimiking those whom you seek to stand against.

Yaamyn said...

Yes. I have quite clearly mentioned that the links are for 'ANYONE who wishes to be enlightened about the Qur'an'.. and 'THOSE WHO SEEK AN ANSWER'.
That could be Muslims, Parsis, Atheists.. anyone!

I wanted to share the traditional meanings of terms like 'Jihad' and the interpretation followed by the overwhelming majority of Muslims around the world..

That's why I have provided links to these sites, which DO NOT promote hatred or bias among any group :-)

I think the 'Hindutvis may avoid the exercise' was where you got me wrong. By Hindutvis, I meant the right wing fanatic bigots who wouldnt' get the message anyways.

Don't mistake Hindutvis with Hindus.. they're mutually exclusive in my dictionary! :p Just like Islamists and Muslims.

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