Sunday, September 21, 2008

And now, the visuals.

Here's something that leaves nothing to be spoken.

A victim of the VHP in Orissa.
[Photograph by Deshakalyan Chowdhury (AFP/Getty Images)]

Look into the eyes of this girl, scarred for life, and try to defend the 'humans' who did this to her.
Keep looking at her burnt skin and say 'Missionaries and forcible conversion are to blame for this'. Try imagining her painful shrieks and speak the words 'Aurangzeb, Ghazni and Ghori are the justification for this'.

In my various attempts to talk sense into mindless fanatics, I've met with justifications as absurd as these.

They'll blame Ghori and Ghazni. They'll blame Christian missionaries. They'll blame 'pseudosecularism'. They'll blame the 'Italians'. They'll blame ISI. They'll blame Pakistan. They'll blame the liberals.

They'll blame everyone but the Hintutva terrorists who carry out these heinous crimes. The right wingers will never blame themselves. They're never wrong. It's always 'justified' or 'provoked' or 'in retaliation to something'.

Tell that to the girl in the picture.. or the tens of thousands of citizens being targeted across India right now.

It's sad - pathetic, really - to see the BJP leaders in Karnataka and Orissa trying hard to justify the ongoing attacks on Christians.

Look into her eyes, and try hard to say something nice about the VHP firebrands who burnt her. Defend the perpetrators once again. Compliment yourself on the wonderful job of saving the 'sanathana dharma'. I'm sure this is what it stands for.

* * *

I condemn the Bajrang Dal and VHP for their extremely violent, premeditated attacks on Indian citizens - most recently in Orissa, Karnataka and Kerala.

I accuse them of murder and arson, and demand an immediate ban on these terrorist, fascist organizations. (Throw in RSS, Shiv Sena and MNS as well)

These organizations thrive on divisiveness, mob terrorism, attacking harmless civilians and vitriolic anti-Muslim and anti-Christian propaganda.

In fact, they've even begun picking up a thing or two from their Islamist brothers in arms, and have given public calls for Hindu suicide squads.

The bombs have begun exploding.(By the same folks who run the virile, anti-national, pro-hindutva HinduJagruti website.)

I urge the Manmohan Singh government to act in the interests of national unity and ban these anti-nationals, arrest their leaders, freeze their assets, put their operations under surveillance, and save India from inherently violent Hindutva ideologies.

I urge Indian citizens to not get swayed by the emotional rhetoric, passionate calls for violence, and brute animalism of these violent outfits. Violence and murder have no religion. Neither do tears and laughter. Be a human for a change.

[For those of you self-proclaimed 'Hindu Patriots'™ wondering why I haven't demanded a ban on Muslim extremists (which will be your first, and final, line of defense, as usual) - FYI, they're already banned. Thank You.]

Here's more visuals from a channel on YouTube that has a very lovely name: Ban the RSS (video)!

Jai Hind!


Saleem said...

This picture ( has been copied from the following site:

Using this as a backdrop following comments are posted trying to pit religion vs religion.

"They'll blame Ghori and Ghazni. They'll blame Christian missionaries. They'll blame 'pseudosecularism'. They'll blame the 'Italians'. They'll blame ISI. They'll blame Pakistan. They'll blame the liberals."

Most posts in this blog have been either adapted or copied from the site and painted in religious fervour (precisely pitting MUSLIMS vs HINDUS). Hence, all INDIAN intelligentsia beware of this MALDIVIAN (Yaamyn) for he is a 'lunatic' with a keyboard trying to spread hatred and abusing your fellow countrymen.

Yaamyn said...

Well, saleem... you really are getting desperate, aren't you.

For the record, I took this picture from Rediff. And the photographer credits are mentioned right under it, in case you didn't notice.

This picture has also made it to the cover page of Tehelka, if you bother to see.

You can't defend the attack on the girl, so you attempt to attack ME instead.. typical hindutva behaviour. :p

All the posts on this blog are MY opinions and viewpoints. Not fiction or prose that can be plagiarized.

FYI, there's an email in my inbox, from the Editor in Chief of the Mutiny, asking me to contribute to that website.

Maybe he liked my writing too?

Take a breather. You need it!

Pinku said...


That girl is not just one of thousands underattack...she is the face of India. Abused and without hope.

Just wanted to understand from Saleem as to why a Maldivian is not allowed to comment on the ugly face we have created for our motherland. Its after all a free world atleast out here in blogosphere or isn't it anymore?

Nimmy said...

Saleem seems to be a bored peron picking at people..So what even if the post is a copy-paste..What matters is the idea conveyed..

Nobody gets ideas or news from air..Someone else's thoughts inspire us to proceed..Isn't that what we call human nature??

The pic is disturbing..The photo or a crying man with folded hands,from gujrat,is still in my eyes..

Let there be peace to all soon..

Anonymous said...

Saleem is demented, delusional ,dysfunctional....ummm duh!

1conoclast said...

Did all of you guys sign the petition to ban these @#$%^&*s?

Here's the link:

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