Sunday, September 14, 2008

What More Can We Do?!

I'm feeling a bit emotional at the moment as I write this. I'm extremely saddened and repulsed by some experiences I've had in the past week.

I have tried to believe otherwise. I have tried to stick up for India's secular credentials. But today, I've lost that spirit.

India's increasingly becoming a society of Islamophobes. Yes, Racists and Islamophobes. Rabid Muslim haters who can't even begin to assume that there's no difference - anatomically, mentally, physically or personality wise between them and their counterparts from a different faith. Did I say 'different faith'? I'm sorry. I meant Muslims. I shall pull no punches today.

It's fashionable now to 'treat Muslims with the contempt they deserve'. It's fashionable to appear 'intelligent' and quote some obscure verse from the Qur'an to 'prove' that Islam 'supports terrorism'. Yes, it is fashionable in India to be Islamophobic. Blame the Muslims for everything. When there's an intelligence failure, it's the Muslims. When there's a bomb blast, it's 'Islamic terrorism'.

When there are social problems like poverty and illiteracy among a section of the population - there's no attempt or discussion on HOW to improve it. No. It's easier to blame Islam. They're uneducated Muslims. Let them be.

There are two kinds of illiteracy in India. Illiteracy, and Muslim illiteracy.
There are two kinds of poverty in India. Poverty, and Muslim poverty.

India's criminals are now branched into two. Criminals, and Muslim criminals. Terrorists are a Muslim copyright.
No amount of Bajrang Dal bombs can make them terrorists.. (No! Labeling them would amount to 'pseudosecularism' and being 'anti-Hindu'.)
No amount of VHP violence on Christian minorities can make THEM terrorists. No amount of fiery speeches or communal riots or intimidation or racism can get them banned. They're not terrorists.. they're the mainstream. Terrorists are those with an Arabic name. Only Muslims are terrorists.

There are two kinds of shop-keepers. Shopkeepers, and MUSLIM shopkeepers.
There are two kinds of auto-drivers. Auto drivers, and MUSLIM autodrivers.
There are two kinds of landlords - Landlords, and MUSLIM landlords.
There are two kinds of tenants - Tenants, and MUSLIM tenants.

There are two kinds of Indians - Indians, and MUSLIMS.

If you deny thinking along these lines, you're lying. And if you accept that you think along those lines - you're exactly what I'm trying to say you are. An Islamophobe.

Why does my following a faith of my choice make it seem like I have boil on my forehead that people can't avoid mentioning it?! Is it because my name sounds different from yours? Why must I apologize for having an Arabic name?! Don't almost ALL hindus have Sanskrit names? Don't almost ALL Christians have Latin/English names? Fuck you, if you think Muslims are devoted to some other country for having an Arabic name. Really, Fuck you.

These SELF IMPORTANT racist custodians of 'INDIAN CULTURE', in all their bigoted supremacy point out how Indian Muslim's hearts bleed for the Palestinians.. So FUCKING WHAT?!
Don't the general INDIAN HINDU POPULATION not lend their voice when Malaysian Hindus protest against their government?! What the fuck is THAT all about?! And Palestine isn't even a religious issue as much as a political problem.

If someone so much as bothers to mention that he's an Indian AND a Muslim - it actually becomes a issue of discussion that gives the word 'petty' a whole new meaning. PETTINESS doesn't begin to describe it! They nit-pick on every fucking' syllable of his, trying to find out hidden motives, an anti-national agenda.. and look for signs that he 'doesn't really mean it'.

Have you EVER paused to wonder why an LK Advani can be a HINDU as well as Indian. Why a Tata can be a PARSI as well as an Indian. Why a George Fernandes can be a CHRISTIAN as well as an Indian. AND WHY the hell NOT can Omar be a Muslim as well as an Indian?!

But all a Muslim needs to do is to look for a house to live in- and he's got to prove that HE'S NOT A TERRORIST. Is it written on our faces?! Guilty until proven innocent?!

Everyday Indians ARE becoming - or they've already become - anti-Muslim. I've tried hiding from it, partly due to my attachment to India, and partly from a hope that the damage done by blatantly communal parties (which for some amusing reason finds fault with 'pseudo-secular' parties) can be reversed.

I'm sorry, it probably can't. The rot is too deep. Islamophobia has become Institutionalized - part of daily lives and dinner table conversations. It's not just the rabid Modi who's talking about sending Muslims 'back to Pakistan' or wherever the hell 'THEY' came from.

The supporters of the Modis and Togadias of the world can go around saying 'Islam is foreign' 'Islam is alien' 'Muslims are invaders' 'Not Indian culture'... SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASSES!

Muslims of India DO NOT follow Hindu culture or religion - SO FUCKING WHAT?! The Muslims in India have THEIR OWN CULTURE developed IN India - and I don't call cultures that develop in India as Vietnamese. They're an Indian culture, right down to the fucking Biriyani.

But these mundane details don't matter to the Indian racists and Islamophobes. Like I said EVERYONE - Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Students, Housewifes and the supposedly urban metro-dwellers. They're all at it, and are completely oblivious to the gravity of it.

It's 'normal' to hate a Muslim you don't even know. It's cool to view a respected intellectual like Javed Akhtar with skepticism (He's a fucking Muslim, after all), and it's cool to let a virile Togadia (a compassionate guardian of the the sanathana dharma) continue his racist diatribes.

If there's one thing I can't stand anymore, it's THIS QUESTION:
Why doesn't the average/educated/liberal Muslim speak up against terrorism?
To that I have this to say. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Just do a tiny google search and see the number of NGOs and organizations that have come up to promote awareness of Muslims (in a country that apparently has the second largest Muslim population in the world!) and the work and resources put in - BY MUSLIMS - to promote secularism and enlightenment IN THEIR OWN RANKS.

The average educated liberal blasted Muslim individual has gone hoarse speaking up against terrorism and trying to defend himself against racism. Yes. Thousands and thousands of Muslim individuals speak up - and HAVE TO speak up - just to have a normal daily routine. They can speak up, they can cry hoarse, they can SCREAM FROM THEIR GODDAMN ROOFTOPS - but you still won't hear it. WHY? BECAUSE YOU'RE ISLAMOPHOBIC! You only hear the Al Zarqawis and the Mullah Omars of the world.. because that's what you're conditioned to LISTEN to.. your NARROW MINDS won't - and cannot - accept anything else.

Fuck the liberals. EVEN CONSERVATIVES - in their thousands - have marched and rallied FOR PEACE and AGAINST TERRORISM, holding banners in the sun and marching for miles. Did anyone hear them?!

Here's a picture I stole from The Hindu of an anti-terrorism rally by conservative Muslims in India.

Can you even fucking count how many there are? NO? So SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTHS before trying to appear self-righteous and look down upon all those citizens. You're calling THEM anti-nationals? Those thousands of citizens who took the pains to organize a protest against anti-nationals?! FUCK YOU!!

The liberals and conservatives of the Muslims have all spoken and rallied against terrorism. What have YOU DONE to PROTEST AGAINST TERRORISM except go on some random Internet forum and give went to your frustrations by blaming it all on 'THEM' and "MUSLIMS" and talk of 'SENDING THEM BACK TO PAKISTAN"?!!

Fucking Hypocrites.

The Muslims speak up all the time - even when they don't really have to. They HAVE to speak up to avoid the dirty glares everytime there's a bomb blast - as if they're somehow guilty of it. They HAVE TO speak up and defend themselves everyday just to not 'arouse suspicion' (fat chance!).

Muslims in this country are living their whole lives in a defendant's table or a witness box. The interrogation never ceases.

The stereotypes won't fucking budge.

It's cool to bemoan the fact that Indian Muslims haven't 'moved on with the times'. The Indian movie industry is practically dominated by Muslims - and yet Muslims are supposedly 'anti-movie' and 'against music'. An AR Rehman can make an entire billion strong population sing to his rendition of 'Vande Mataram'.. and yet, Muslims are ' averse' to patriotic songs.
A practising Muslim like Sania Mirza can play tennis in a skirt - but it's those who're protesting against it who get the 'Muslim' tag. The same cannot be said for a Khushboo or others who face the same problem. NOoooooooooo.. they're not Hindu fundamentalist.. they're the 'moral brigade'.

There are two kinds of moral brigades. Moral Brigade, and MUSLIM fundamentalists.

If someone has to MOVE ON WITH THE TIMES, its the fucking Shiv Sena and VHP. This is the 21st goddamn century.. the whole world's mixing. Hitler's gone, the world of ONE dominant race is a pipe dream.. why the hell are they still clinging onto 'Maharastra for Marathis' and 'India for Hindus' kind of medieval crap?!

You fucking complain about 'how easily Muslims are offended' and point out cases of Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen...
WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR GODDAMN SENSES when the country's most celebrated artist - at the ripe old age of 90 - is forced to go into exile?! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GET OFFENDED?! What was all the commotion when a saffron LK Advani called a secular atheist - Jinnah - 'secular'??! WHAT GOT the ants itching in your pants then?! WHY does a proposal to build a canal GET YOU SO OFFENDED?! Why doesn't the Valentine's Day hunters get called 'Hindu fundamentalists' who GOT OFFENDED? Nooooo.. they're just nationalists, and 'moral brigade' and some other fancy term to avoid giving them a religious tag. But not so for the fucking MUSLIMS. That's all they are!

Danish cartoons are ok.. a nude art work is NOT?! WHOSE RELIGIOUS SENSIBILITIES GOT OFFENDED?! Hypocrite bastards.

Then there's the sick rants about how 'Muslim leaders' do not condemn terrorism.


The ultra-conservative Darul Uloom Deoband - one of the WORLD'S MOST INFLUENTIAL seminaries, has issued a fatwa against terrorism in 2008.

The US Muslims Religious Council has issued a fatwa against terrorism. The Saudi religious leaders have issued a fatwa against terrorism ( and way back in in 2004 too- if that gets some sand out of your collective vaginas.)


Want to know what the fatwas said?!
Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and the use of violence against innocent lives. There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram – or forbidden - and those who commit these barbaric acts are criminals, not “martyrs"

You want it spelled out MORE CLEARLY THAN THAT?! What MORE DO YOU WANT? What more CAN WE DO?

What about those 'violent calls to jehad' in the Qur'an, you ask? Go read your Old Testament and your Manu Smriti and your Torah.. and then come back and make allegations that war is not violent and that there isn't any quotable 'violent' and 'sexist' quotes in all those books. SHUT UP!!

It's not really 'fashionable' to quote from the Qur'an unless there's something 'violent' about them. But then here goes..
The Qur’an, Islam’s revealed text, states: "Whoever kills a person unjustly…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind." (Qur’an, 5:32)
NO.. but you have the urge to dismiss this, dont' you? That inexplicable feeling that there's a catch? Well there's none. That's what the Qur'an says.

ANd here's what the prophet says:
"Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil." (Al-Tirmidhi)
Did you read that? But you don't hear that often do you?! Nah.. fuck you.
All creation is the family of God, and the person most beloved by God (is the one) who is kind and caring toward His family."

POINT NUMBER ONE of the US fatwa against terrorism states (and it can't get clearer than this)
1.All acts of terrorism targeting civilians are haram (forbidden) in Islam.
What more do you want?! The Muslims - liberals, conservatives, Indians, non-Indians, rich, poor and vulgar have ALL spoken out against terrorism and racism in the loudest possible voices.
They have ALL quoted from the Qur'an, issued fatwas, defied stereotypes, and just tried to get on with their lives - which includes getting an education, trying to get a job, provide for a family, get a house, earn an income, and just LIVE NORMALLY like every other goddamn citizen out there.

But the Muslim in India has to face the challenge of being a Muslim at each stage. It's sad. It's sickening. It's revolting. But it's true. India IS becoming/HAS become an Islamophobe nation.

THE LEAST you can do to get rid of this crippling racism and dangerous Islamophobia.. is to JUST SHUT UP, or open your eyes to the truth that YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE. JUST BOTHER TO VERIFY YOUR FACTS before you go hoarse screaming 'Islam!'. DO SOME INSTROSPECTION and find out how much your own shit stinks, before pointing fingers at others.
If Muslims in India are conservative.. so is every other fucking Indian. If they get offended, so does everyone else. If they have their own culture.. so does the rest of India's communities. If they have their own dress codes and languages.. so the the rest of the communities. If Muslims face poverty and backwardness.. so do millions of other Indians. Diseases, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc. do not affect a Muslim any differently than any other Indian community.

It's true that Muslims in India are backward as a general rule.. but isn't that because the entire elite and middle class moved to Pakistan during partition? What percentage of the lower section of Indian society actually has a better track record in education and other parameters?! None.

It's upto YOU to uplift these masses - as any good Indian should do - instead of alienating and blaming it on 'them'. India's Muslims and Hindus and Christians are ONE. INdians. They're an interwoven web.. and anything that effects any strand of the web, affects all. Unless that fact enters your tiny, racist heads - this country is doomed to continue in the same vein.

It's sad that an outsider, who loves this country suddenly has change his opinion like this and feels the need to JUST LEAVE these sick, demented and racist people.

I'm sorry, but India has let me down terribly.


[I have since calmed down enough to realize that I've made an embarrassing amount of spellings and grammar mistakes. My frustration has also resulted in an unacceptable amount of cuss words. I apologize. However, to edit them now seems an injustice to my state of mind at the time of writing. The hurt lingers.]


Indian Home Maker said...

Your pain is beautifully and passionately expressed. What you have written is totally true. It's not getting any better. Something needs to be done, urgently.
If you permit I have some suggestions.
If you permit.

k10 said...

You have succesfully mangaed to summarize the angst and the common belief system prevalent in our society. It is sad that we should come to this.

Contentious said...

U have stripped it to its guts, and our eviscerated society sure doesnt look nice from any angle! And the future looks frighteningly even worse.

Misguided fanatics of all faiths are some sort of a rivets in perpetual motion mechanism where one is feeding on the other.

To my mind one significant(?) way to reducing this fissure would be to bring all citizens in India under a Uniform Civil Code, NO EXCEPTIONS. We need one less way to divide!

1conoclast said...


Beautifully articulated. You're wrong in assuming that I would've moderated my language for a post of this nature. There is no other way to express what you've expressed.

And I agree with each word you've said.

May you manage to open the eyes of the rest of our Indian brothers & sisters (& swatis).

The fact is that this attitude has been taught to Indians over a period of the last few decades by the sangh parivar. That is why they should've been banned a long time back. Sometimes I feel that if there is a backlash to the seeds of hate that the sangh parivar has sown, maybe it's OK.

Sometimes I feel ashamed of saying that...


1conoclast said...


I have a better solution than that.

Communism! They remove religion from the state totally!

Kislay said...

Communism ? Seriously ?

A Uniform Civil Code would be good, but would the good old Congress ever dare implement it ?

Touche ! And I think that the muslims of this country have to pay a double price because of the historic blunder of 1947 . Sadly , time the great healer is unable to do the magic because every now and then something fucked up happens , which further fucks it all up .

contentious said...

Why is that inspite repeated rationalization , the "non -Hindutvi indoctrinated" hindus are losing faith in the inculpability of a community as a whole.

Can someone answer that PLEASE! SERIOUSLY!!!!

(Some of the comments on that Salman's thread on Mutiny make me squirm)

Sagarone said...

The problem is that every Muslim thinks that his particular interpretation of Islam is the correct one. The terrorist blowing himself up thinks that he is doing the right thing and will achieve heaven. There is no 'standard' version and you can follow either the most moderate or the extreme interpretation, yet call yourself a muslim and claim the right to speak or act for the whole Ummah.

Yaamyn said...

@indian home maker :

Your suggestions are highly welcome, ihm. Things are definitely deteriorating, and badly.

@ k10:

It's indeed sad that this country has come down to this. The angst is, sadly, justified..

@ contentious :

A uniform civil code is an interesting idea, but religion is entrenched into every aspect of Indian life.. right down to the elections and governance.

Here's my solution. Ban all forms of religiously affiliated political parties. If they cannot think for the entire Indian population, they have no right to be contesting elections.

Ban all mention of religion in political speeches, and ban all religious symbols from government offices and public schools. Children need to be brought up to be INdians. Not fanatics.

That should make political parties speak something else for a change. Development, for instance. Education, for another. Like a good government should.


The state doesn't have to reject the idea of God, like communism does. However, it'll be wise to constitutionally bar a government from taking up religious hues.


Time can be a great healer.. but not when divisive elements crop up and are nurtured over time. Public memory is woefully short.. even for historic blunders.
At this rate, India's going to split further into two major communities incapable of co-existing. It's something an aspiring world power can ill afford.

I feel that the Muslims are today's Jews.. and India doesn't need to go down the holocaust path. (The mental ghettos are already taking shape!)
Get rid of the communal Nazi elements decisively, the rest of the country's problems will follow them out.

Yaamyn said...

@Sagarone : Your statement is a mini example of what I'm trying to say..

'The problem is that every Muslim thinks that his particular interpretation of Islam is the correct one.'

Of course! Forget Muslims.. doesn't EVERYONE think that their interpretation is the best?

The real problem, sagarone, is that I'm clubbed along with people whose interpretation I disagree strongly with... and I'm made to pay, despite having what I believe is the right interpretation.

How can there be a 'standard' version of Islam? It's a highly interpretive religion - composed of dozens and dozens of sects and subsects.. there's the sunnis and shias.. and under them the shafiites, the hanbalis.. the wahaabis.. further down you even have the ahamadiyyas and the dervish sects.. Which one of them is Islam?!

Just how much similarity is there between Wahabbism and Sufism?!

Unfortunately, when it comes to facing society.. all the hundreds of divisions and beliefs just boil down to ONE hated word. Muslim. That's all that matters!

Thank you all for not taking offense.

That outburst, while not uncalled for, had the potential to spark some confrontation. Thanks for being understanding. :-)

1conoclast said...


Yes. Why not? There are no religious problems in communist countries.
They achieve world power as the USSR earlier & China now has.
They manage to stand up to the USA's bullying, like the 2 above & tiny old Cuba.

What's wrong with it dude?

It's better than having a right-wing sponsored UCC forced down our throats. We're already seeing what they're doing in Rajasthan... outlawing religious conversions. If we want things like that, why not go the whole hog?

If we have to swing to one extreme rather than be moderate, I'd rather swing left than right. The examples of right are far worse than the ones of the left that I've mentioned. Do you want me to mention examples of the extreme right?

And thanks for reinforcing that the good old Congress will remain in power forever! :-D


Your question has been answered on the Mutiny thread but here goes anyway:

Because they’re not using rationalization. Because they’re listening (& have been listening) to the wrong people talk for years now, and now they’re beginning to get influenced. I don’t know how it escapes your notice that there has been a concerted effort to paint the community as evil.

It’s the sangh parivar at work in schools, in shakhas, in casual conversations, in open meetings, in hate CD’s, from podiums in elections speeches.

They’ve been spewing hate & people have begun to buy it now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Indian Mujahideen turns out to be either a front for the sangh or financed by them or something.

Why is it so difficult to imagine that a bunch of opportunistic, extremist politicians are above board & why is it so easy to imagine that an entire community is not?

Can someone answer that PLEASE! SERIOUSLY!!!!

indscribe said...

Very well-written post.
I have linked you.

Ye manzilen !! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Ye manzilen !! said...

Could not resist writing abt u on my

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you know every time it is a muslim. Coz the fucking RSS/BJP/ media is saying so....
btw. who killed Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi? Was Hitler a Muslim? Want some more examples??? Or still thinking it is always muslims..

How do we know said...

i stopped reading half way thru. And lost interest at the line "If you are saying that you are not an Islamophobe, you are lying. And if you admit, then you are guilty as accused."

Too bad you have already made up your mind. At this point, all the expletives that we have been bombarded with, come right back at you for exactly the same reason - pointless, unverified hatred of another group.

1conoclast said...

how do we know,

If you had been subjected to the constant bombardment that the author has been in life & on the web at the hands of Islamophobes, you wouldn't disagree with him.

He's fairly close to being right. The situation is almost that.

I feel it too.

Saad Akhtar said...

Good one! No use mincing words, specially on your own blog. Say it like it needs to be said!

Anonymous said...


It hurt to know that you felt I was trying to insinuate against an entire community. If are a regular reader of Mutiny you'd know what I stand for. I guess you are not. You could ask 1con for a few pointers.

Nitpicking is easy isn't it? You faced it yourself. In that long post all you could point at was a missing information about Islamic religious leaders and you immediately concluded I am being biased. Is it called stereo typing?

Anyway do read this..

I did some more research on the condemnation by religious leaders and a separate post in that regard would be up on Mutiny soon.

Anyway, do read this..

Yaamyn said...

@indiscribe: Thank you.

@ anonymous: Why you throwing it at me? I'm neither a terrorist, nor a supporter of terrorism.. nor have i ever come across a terorist my whole life.
You seem to know more about these characters than I ever did. But I'm afraid it's not a Muslim everytime.

Ask the poor souls of the Nuns and priests who are currently facing mob terrorism at the hands of self proclaimed non-muslims. They dont particularly find dying at the hands of Hindus pleasurable either.

You're welcome to write something 'more passionate, arousing,..etc.'.

It was never my intention to either make it passionate or provocative. It was an honest expression of a feeling that I see many commentators have been able to connect to.
You're also welcome to criticize me and contradict me. There can't be better news to me than to learn that I was wrong in the post.

@ ye manzilen: Thank you for that. I truly am an angry INDIAN. :p Even if I carry a Maldivian passport.

@ anonymous: there needs to be a point where we dissociate a human from a religion. Most people won't know what religion Hitler or Pol Pot followed.. but they DO know that Idi Amin was 'Muslim'. Interesting eh?

@ how do we know: If you read my post and felt it was 'unverified, pointless hatred' of another group, I must be the worst communicator.

Yes, I hate another group. A group known as racists and bigots. And I hate it with very good reason. Thank you very much.

however, if you really never distinguished between a Muslim and Non Muslim in public (like i ranted about in the post) I must say I have to applaud you. You're the kind of person I wish everyone were like.

@ 1conoclast:
Yes, it'll be hard for anyone to imagine the trauma of racism in daily life, unless he/she has experienced it. In that way, I think the Muslims are the worst affected by terrorism.

Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and the rest can wake up a few days later and return to a normal life.. but the Muslims will continue to pay with a bit of their dignity (and that's a terrible price to pay) every day, all their lives.

@saad akhtar : I'm glad my not mincing any words has connected with some others. I was pretty apprehensive the first time I opened the comments.

Bimlesh said...

The very fact that you are speaking in such an abusive language on your public blog to show your frustration shows that there is some sense of guilt.I would have been happy if while criticising attacks on MF Hussain, you had also ciriticised those protestors in India who were out in streets against Danish cartoons.dare I say M.F. Hussain might have lost his life had he dared to do a nude painting of god of his own religion.

There are bombs going off everywhere in the country, one after the other, almost everywhere it's being proved that its no longer ISI which is behind such activities but its done with local support.Are you trying to tell me that local people with whom these people mingle have no idea absolutely no idea of what these guys are upto.Comeon man stop living in a fool's paradise.Unless and untill there is aconscious effort to accept the fact that yes there's a problem, some young men have gone astray, there could be no solution. As for muslims being targetted in the name of investigations, tell me havent you heard that even in murder cases suspects are rounded up and taken for questioning?Have you seen hindus protesting against the police taking action on such criminals.Some innocent people do get targeted in criminal cases but then if culprits have to be identified ,people having any relations with such criminals will have to go thru some pain.That happens in ensuring legal rule anywhere in the world.If muslims are involved in these blasts, do you wants hindus to be rounded up to show to the world that yes we are secular?What exactly are you trying to say using all these abusive words in your posts?Using abuses can only be an easy excuse of not having a valid point.

If there's anger within you because you feel muslims are being targetted in this nation, then tell me dont some hindus have a right to have some mistrust on some stupid people from this faith for having killed close to 700 people in bomb blasts across the nation in the last 5 -6 years, for having driven pandits out of the valley to ensure the rule if islam in Kashmir.Muslims want to have their own personal law in this country but when the residents of a vegetarian housing society in mumbai prohibits shana azmi from owning a house in their building because they dont want meat eaters around ( and that included both hindus and muslims) , why shud any muslim have a problem with that.I would have loved to hear your thoughts on the same. Ther are many more points.#et me see if my comments get published on your blog and then I will bring them one by one and pls have trust in me, like you I wont be using abusive language to show that I am really angry.I believe there are better ways to put my thoughts across.

Yaamyn said...

@bimlesh : I apologize for any offense. On hindsight, I wouldn't have put it down in the same manner, had I another chance.

I don't normally indulge in swear words,(try reading my other posts or responses to comments). I normally believe that swear words take away from the effectiveness of a point.. in this case, however (in hindsight) it seemed to reinforce them.

It was swear words, not abusive language. (It's only abusive when used as an adjective to some targeted nouns!!)

Anyways. Pardon me this indiscretion. Indeed, I have been humbled by the comments I received - they mostly understood it was my sheer frustration. (not guilt!)

Yaamyn said...

@sanjukta : I sincerely apologize for sounding like that.. you missed a little element which I thought could give out the wrong signal. You need not be hurt, for I really enjoy your posts - and do not doubt your sincerity or fairness.

As for the nitpicking part.. I guess I'm guilty too. Proving once again, that we're all humans. :-)

I shall be reading your post now!

Yaamyn said...

Now, I wish I could take back all the swear words - and the embarrassingly plenty spelling and grammar mistakes.. cuz I never bothered to read the draft even once after breaking the world record for speed typing.. did that entire rant in about 10 minutes.

Anyways, Bimlesh:

No, Bimlesh. I wasn't criticizing either the protestors against MF Husain or Danish cartoons.. I was merely trying to show that both parties are equally eager to take offense.. it was just for comparison purposes - and I mentioned both.

I don't know about local people with whom the terrorists mingle - but I know for certain that I'm not one of them. I don't know any terrorists.. would be horrified to come across one.

I'm not even the type likely to get involved with one.. i'm far more liberal for that and keep more enjoyable company.

Yet I do know for a fact that I find it difficult to find a home because of my name. I know for a fact that people assume I'm pro-pakistan/pro-taleban/pro-terrorism because of my name.

I've seen 5 year olds abuse each other using the term 'Muslim' (they sincerely thought it was a swear word, from the unfavorable references they hear about it!)

I've seen modern, young, educated youngsters refuse to travel by a 'muslim' auto.

I've seen abusive curses being muttered at a harmless burqa clad woman standing, minding her own business on a street. (not that I approve of burqas, but seriously... what did SHE do?!)

These are but a few examples. (And not even the ones that got me agitated enough to write a post I'd never have normally written)

Bimlesh, if you think it's necessary to take into custody random Muslims to investigate terror.. I say, by all means.
Why would anyone round up hindus to investigate a jehadi terror attack. Fair point.

But what about the publicly declared Bajrang Dals and VHPs who operate with impunity?

Doesn't it horrify you when they make public statements such as "We are only targeting those involved in conversions!' - Targeting here meaning, burning alive, beating to pulp, and burning down places of worship...

Seriously, they could round up a hindu or two 'to investigate' this. The leaders still roam free. Bal Thakeray and Raj Thakeray also roam free. Their organizations thrive and work with open intent and intimidation tactics.

SIMI issues its threats from unsecured email ids... MNS and SS issue their threats in press conferences.

Do you see a difference? Or is it just me?

As for the Shabana Azmi thing, I'm not sure. But I was party to the reasons for which I myself was denied a house.

They said I could be a terrorist.

And no bimlesh, I never moderate my comments. You're free to criticize me, my post or any random thing on earth.

Sorry about the swear words again.

~Hemanth~ said...

I have very little to add.

For those of you who don't know, "The Quran repeatedly commends co-existence: “Lakum deene kum wal ya deen (Your religion for you and my religion for me)” and “La iqra fi al deen (Let there be no compulsion in religion)” -Tariq Ramadan (The Messenger, Penguin)."

Kislay said...

Communism has failed . Period . And a true blue commie is an atheist And do I have to remind you of the rights of a Chinese citizen ?

And as far as the UCC is concerned , I was not insinuating that the Congress would come back to power and implement it , it was the other way round . I do not like the Congress , personal reasons into which I would not delve. But I am not big fan of BJP either . They indulge in overkill . Frankly , I would love it if the Bharat Punarnirman Dal would become a mainstream national party . Let's hope that day comes .

Saleem said...

Why the pain for Indians? Just becasue you are a Muslim? Did you ever write a note about your own country MALDIVES-that sponsors Islam as state religion? Let alone freedom to speak, it does deprive non-muslims from voting. Coming from there, you do NOT have a right to comment on INDIA. Its black sheep foreigners like you, living in my country, spreading hatred among citizens who share happiness and sorrow.
It makes me ponder foreigners like you are at the forefront in misleading INDIANS in the name of religion to a utopian "islamic state".
In your own words...
I'm indeed a patriot INDIAN who happens to follow ISLAM and would like to stop this misleading propoganda.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your feelings. We still have some sense of pride in being Indian. But the fact remains, that today, the message conveyed in this post by some one "outsider" is also felt by fellow "Indians" (may I add muslims) too. No doubt India is a better place than many other countries. But don't tell me that every thing is alright.

comfortably numb said...

u cud not hv put it more appropriately...I may not hv ur words but I share d feelings nonetheless!!!

Pinku said...

I feel your pain, your disgust and also your helplessness. Its heart rending.

But please dont blame my country, my India..

just like a few so called muslims bursting a few bombs doesnt make every muslim a terrorist...similarly idiots like the MNS or the dal or others like them dont make the whole of India and all hindus fundamentalists.

Please have faith. We can and we shall bring about a change for a better future.

I am crying as i write this and I dont cry often...your pain hurts me and what hurts even more is your diminishing love for this country. Please dont let that happen.

Your forefathers put a lot of faith in this country when they would have stayed back at the time of the partition. They were brave please let their faith survive in you.

Anonymous said...

I truly feel your pain - it is mine and should be the pain of all humanity

1conoclast said...


Ironically, your first paragraph brings out very clearly what this post is talking about. You too are guilty of viewing Muslims with a biased eye. Why can't you leave them alone?


Has it really? It held the USSR together. It's only when democracy came in that it collapsed. It's taken China to great heights.

May I remind you of the rights of Cuban people? Or their excellent healthcare system?

One small correction: The bjp is not guilty of overkill. They say exactly what they believe in. Have you ever heard them criticize attacks on minorities? Have they been critical of what the bajrang dal has been doing in Orissa?
I think they make their stand very clear; sometimes by shouting & sometimes by not saying anything.
They're guilty of sins of commission & omission both.
And they're guilty of "kill" not overkill!

And I would be interested in knowing about this party that you're talking about. Tell me more please.

Yaamyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yaamyn said...

@ pinku:

That's the most beautiful comment I've ever read. I'm humbled and ashamed. People like you make me keep faith in the good of the world.. thank you so much.
I'm touched with your understanding, and moved by your optimism. You are an inspiriation.

@ comfortably numb :
Thanks. btw, I dig Pink Floyd.

@ phoenixritu:

Thank you. I am honored to have such people read my blog and feel that sentiminet.

@1con : Yes, I've never heard of that party either. You're right about the BJP.. but tehn, everyone knows that, don't they?


Thank you all for your lovely comments. Made my day.

Yaamyn said...

1) I maybe an 'outsider'.. but I've lived my whole life in India. It's got nothing do do with me being Muslim.

2) Yes, I've more than 'written a note' about my own country. I take a small bit of credit for bringing democracy to that country. Our elections are on october 8th.

3) Non-muslims are sadly not recognized in our country.. but in practice, they can vote, talk, speak and exist. We don't have police hunting down 'heretics'. We're quite liberal in that way.. but yes, I AM campaigning for official recognition of freedom of religion. (And can assure it has quite some support)

4) If you can welcome praise from foreigners, I think you also need to be open to criticism from foreigners - even black sheep like me.

5) I abhor the thought of religious states. Either Islamic or Hindutvic.

6) Sometimes I wish you'd realize that there IS sth called a 'well wisher'. I may not be indian, but I do feel at home here, and do care about it. Or else I couldn't less if theis country tore itself apart.

Indian Home Maker said...

I have linked this post, I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

i can feel ur pain, thats why we kashmiri wana freedom from india as well as pakistan both are sick,india wana act like west in democracy but they cant hang bjp rss and vhp so india is and will remain hinduta state and same blasts killlings will remain there for ever and ever

hoku said...

Yaamyn@ I am sorry. I am really very sorry. To be honest I felt the same way as most of other Hindus felt after the bomb blast at Delhi. Those horrible pictures on the TV screen. The sense of helplessness. Worry about the near and dear ones. Every thing contributed to that feeling of hate. That night even I fought with one of my very dear secular friend on that issue. Now, once that sense of fear and helplessness has subsided, I feel sorry about myself. When I did not blame all Hindus after Gujarat riot, or Killing of Christians at Orissa and now at Karnataka, why I consider all Muslims responsible for this act. When I don't consider Bajrangdal and others representative of my faith, why I am considering these terrorist representative of Islam. How can I blame the holly book for everything, when I have not even read a single line of that book. I can feel that you are hurt because of our action. I can feel you are sad because of your thoughts. Sorry! Forgive me if you can.

Anonymous said...

what abt the terrorist incidents all over the world like 9/11, are they also done by Bajarang dal, VHP etc...if muslims are also getting killed in terror attacks in india that doesn't mean that masterminds are not muslims.if u can just take a look whats happening in Pakistan where there a an average one blast daily, mostly in Pakistan's wild west, are they are hindus?????

Ye manzilen !! said...

awesome dude.....this debate needs to happen on a bigger scale.....we must confront this crap.....peace is not an option!

Saleem said...

Inline comments on your earlier post-

1) I maybe an 'outsider'.. but I've lived my whole life in India. It's got nothing do do with me being Muslim.

Its a pity that you learnt this abt INDIA. Unfortunately your blog nor your comments indicate that

2) Yes, I've more than 'written a note' about my own country. I take a small bit of credit for bringing democracy to that country. Our elections are on october 8th.

I would definitely be intrested in it. Post the details.

3) Non-muslims are sadly not recognized in our country.. but in practice, they can vote, talk, speak and exist. We don't have police hunting down 'heretics'. We're quite liberal in that way.. but yes, I AM campaigning for official recognition of freedom of religion. (And can assure it has quite some support)
You should be kidding. Exist??? (animals do exist in Maldives). You are right, police do not have to hunt down 'heretics' as it is a Islamic state. No wonder the motive of Male bombing was not published.

4) If you can welcome praise from foreigners, I think you also need to be open to criticism from foreigners - even black sheep like me.
Don't need anything we are what we are and proud of it. Other countries and its denizens envy it (you are no different). Constructive Criticism is appreciated unlike yours that is rotten and typical hallmark of a so called 'religious mullah'. I have seen this a lot and detest making such irresponsible comments since they reflect insecurity and reiterates the same known problem than solving it.

5) I abhor the thought of religious states. Either Islamic or Hindutvic.
my country does not fall in this category. BTW show me a country which follows your so called 'hindutvic' in the world unlike many islamic states. It does baffle me how folks like you try to defend my beliefs/religion by blaming other religions. Without hesitation, I again say folks like you are a disgrace to my religion and so are Bajrang Dal to Hindus.

6) Sometimes I wish you'd realize that there IS sth called a 'well wisher'. I may not be indian, but I do feel at home here, and do care about it. Or else I couldn't less if theis country tore itself apart.
Don't consider youserlf under that category. A 'well wisher' provides constructive criticism promoting unity than adding fuel to fire by divisive comments.

I never said everything is alright but will not accept an outsider harping on our internal issues based on religion. Coming to "feelings" felt by other indians, let me ask you a simple question for introspection

1. How come 80% of terrorist acts are committed by people following my faith? These are not corroborated but proven time & again over last 2 decades.
2. Is it prudent to take a holistic view and look at ourselves/community or do we further segregate ourselves by blaming other religions for anything and everything?
3. How come a doctor from Karnataka was involved in terrorism in UK? Was it staged by VHP/BJP shenanigans or are we trying run away from reality?

I'm baffled by your comments and surprised that you agree with this sentimental outburst that is directed to invoke religious fanaticism by a lunatic. Its your personal problem with faith and do not try to pass it as the view of the entire community (in your words Muslims). We wouldn't have had APJ Kalam, Aamir Khan, Sajid Rashid living in this country if they had these feelings. So, again, do not fall into this sentimentalist religious trap.

BTW..its SALEEM not Salem.

Yaamyn said...

@IHM : I'm honored.

@ anonymous (the kashmiri) : While I do sympathize with the Kashmiri cause, it's purely on humanitarian grounds - not religious ones.

This post just shows the unfortunate growth in influence of fundamentalists in India, and their effect on the public mind.

The same is true for several other countries.

@hoku: It's true, and unfortunate at the same time. It's easy to feed on collective paranoia.. and the best way do defeat it is to familiarize yourself with what you fear. As long as Muslims are viewed as the 'other', it'll be difficult to feel affection and a sense of compatriotism (if such a word exists!) for them.

@ anonymous (the one with the terrorism) :
You mis read me on purpose, anon. I have not said Muslims do not indulge in terror. I'm protesting against the collective culpability of an entire community (150,000,000 in India, and i BILLION plus in the world) because of that.

In that respect, Muslims are perhaps the worst affected by terrorism, cuz it affects our everyday life - at the work place, at the school and on the street.

This is not fair, as we don't have any implicit support for terror - and the religious leaders have issued their edicts clearly stating that Islam has no sanction for such mindless violence (follow the links on my posts!)

I'm saying that despite all the efforts of the communities, we still get linked to 9/11 - as a whole community. It's as if we're all guilty - when we're not.

P.S. - Why do you mention a blast everyday in pakistan? What's that got to do with Indian citizens? :p One more thing I need to ask.. why does Pakistan crop up every time we mention Indian muslims?! :p

Yaamyn said...

@ saleem:

My post was never meant to be taken as an effort at reason and 'constructive criticism'. It was outrage and an outburst at the blindness of people who DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN.

My post just says about 3 things

1) We condemn terror.
2) Islam has no sanction for it.
3) Muslims in India are facing racism as direct result of terrorist actions, as well as a concerted effort by the Hindutvis to paint Islam as a "violent" religion - when it clearly not.

That's all I'm trying to say. If you disagree, good for you.

Far from being a fanatic, I'm not even very religious. I'm just an every day student - who wasn't even very aware of his Muslim-ness until he began facing racism.

When I said Non-muslims exist, I was pointing out that they officially 'do not exist'. Check any Maldive government site! You read too much between the lines!

You're right, I envy quite a few things about India. Most of all, it's richness in diversity and culture. I love Indian folk dances and the multitude of languages and Indian food.

Another thing I like 'your country' for is that is neither a Islamic state, nor a Hindutvic state. But there's a large scale effort to turn it into one, in case you missed it.

I have not 'blamed' any religion, just given comparisons - if you read them.

Whether you like it or not, I AM a well wisher, having lived here nearly all my life!!

And once again, this post was genuine outburst of frustration, not a logical deconstruction.

Yet, it has found resonance among many people.. so I can't be too far from the truth.

If you're indeed a Muslim - and haven't faced any
racism, I'm extremely glad for you and for myself, for it gives some hope.

But it's not true for everyone, you know. I have hoka, a few comments above who admitted to blaming an entire community. I know many a Muslim who's faced racism, and I know many an Islamophobe.

hoku said...

anonymous@ I think masterminds are individuals not a Muslim or a Hindu. Yes, according to them, they are doing it to save their religion ( may be to avenge destruction of Babri Masjid or to conversion (forceful!)). But do you think it is right to blame every one of a community for some action of a handful.

Yaamyn said...

right said hoku.

It's very easy to paint an entire community and be paranoid.. But it's very, very difficult to live with the stigma and facing racism.

And hoku, You're forgiven if you join the peace loving people in spreading the message of plurality, tolerance and understanding. :-)


Anonymous said...

1.I am not sure if 80% terrorist activities are committed by Muslims. There is no way to know. Read reports in Tehelka (research done by non-muslims), how muslims are linked with these acts.
2.Every Indian (of what ever faith) are proud of APJ Abul Kalam et al. Muslims want to live with peace, and want to grow with the nation and contribute positively (if given a fair chance). But a section of society, for their own reasons, is inclined to deny them a chance.
3.If one Indian Doctor goes to UK and does some thing there, as an Indian muslim am I more associated with that guy or with other persons like APJ (and others whom you mentioned)? It is a big question mark, try to reflect?
4.No one wants to promote divisive culture in the society. It is not good for Muslims, not good for Hindus (not good for any one, hum saare ek hi kishti me sawar haiN). But if some one says some thing and I feel it as fair, do I need to condemn it just to “prove my patriotism”.

My friend, patriotism and nationalism are not such a fragile concept. Muslims are second to none in their love for the country. But definitely we don’t need to “prove” it each and every day.

PS: Sorry for spelling mistake of your name earlier.

Yaamyn said...

Good question, anon.

I would like to hear that answered as well.
If one Indian is found involved in UK terror, is it a collective shame for all Indians - or only for the Indian muslims? :-/

I believe it's the former. Need to think this over!

Indian Home Maker said...

There's something for you on my blog :)

Saleem said...

Looks like your are groping for words "outburst at the blindness of people who DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN."

In regard to 3 things...clarify "We". I'm aware that my religion does not preach terrorism but fanatic mullahs do iterpret it promote their devious designs.
Racism??? You know what racism is...GROW UP!!! Don't write nonsense just for the sake of writing. Did my homework going through Maldivian constitution and hence the comments (I stand by them).
You are a chameleon. Go through your post and comments again about blaming other religions.
Alas!!!its an irony few did fall into your lunatic outburst without introspecting the sudden change in their own countrymens attitude. It does hurt me.
Religious conversions??? Seriously,again, do your homework before posting nonsense. No wonder Vatican has agreed to print indianized version of Bible (Mother Mary in a Saree)..
Finally...your previous post confirmed your illogical,senseless trash talk is not worthwhile answering so do not expect one.

You might want to look at the outside world and our "islamic" neighbours too. My learned brother, "It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and one act to ruin it". That does answer all your questions. True islam is not about beard and burqa but about submission and I believe its submission to the country (doesn't matter whether you agree or not). Doesn't it make sense to introspect and act to allay the fears of everyone than trying to get into our religious shells to crib about discrimination. No one is questioning your patriotism but urging you to change the perspective.
We are the biggest minority in INDIA but still end up below all other minorties in every aspect (education, living standards). Not because we are not given a chance but because we chose to be different and be treated different. So what do you expect?
Most of our leaders win elections just because they claim to fight to uplift our community only. And they do, by setting up minority colleges charging hefty sums filling their coffers and fanning religious sentiments by blaming the current state of Muslims on so called hindu religious fundamentalists. Its a concerted effort by our own community leaders/fanatic mullahs to mislead everyone on the name of religion. No wonder there are quite a few who say country first then religion in our community. Patriotism is not a statement its a faith!!!
All said, I would rather have BJP in power than congress, known for its vote-bank politics, as they would atleast deal with terrorism with iron fist so we can move on than a day to day cribbings. Yes, it will cause trouble for my community but unfortunately its necessary to weed out the black ones.

I do like your "hum saare ek hi kishti me sawar haiN". Tho phir dar kiska, doobne ka hai to sab doobenge par apas mein ladke nahin bahar waloon se ladke.

Yaamyn said...

@ saleem :
We - Meaning the common, average world citizen who doesn't subscribe to violent means.

Yes, I do know what racism means. :-) You might want to check on that yourself.

Thank you for reading the Maldivian constitution, it's a pathetic document. I still stand by comments too. There is no official sanction for freedom of religion in the Maldives at present - but there is a movement for this freedom - you might want to check the Maldivian blogosphere for that. :-)

I know what I've written on my post - and I would be very much obliged if you point out to me where exactly I have 'blamed other religions'. I haven't.

My 'lunatic outburst' did find acceptance among quite a few people.. maybe we're all lunatics!! :D

I wonder why you mentioned 'religious conversions' and the vatican.. clarify on that.

Your response to anonymous says true Islam is not about burqa and beard - which is 100% true.

But I do disagree when you imply that discrimination is all right when you're different. This country was never homogeneous to begin with. The North East is different from the North, who are different from the southerners.. The christians are different from the hindus, who are different from the tribals, The food is different from almost city to city.
THe languages differ, the climate differs.. and none of them can justify Islamophobia.

It comes from NOT knowing enough about Islam, and playing into the hands of fanatics propaganda (and by that, I mean both saffron and green)

ANother thing I agree with you is the lack of a leadership. The Muslim community in India lacks any strong leadership - and perhaps the last great leader of the Muslims was Nehru.

Please don't throw your pro -"'so-called' Hindu fundamentalists" stance by trying to thinly veil it in 'patriotism'.

A BJP government would be disastrous, not only for Muslims - but for any Indian. Their politics of divisiveness is PRECISELY what needs to be defeated .
Visit any RSS affiliated website - and you know the kind of hatred they spew on Muslims - and now, Christians.

Your disguise is fast fading.. but thanks for commenting anyways. :-)


1conoclast said...


It would help if you argued with less aggression & more facts & logic.

People like Yaamyn, I & others are upset at each terrorist act that is perpetrated. More so if it is by people who claim to be Muslims!
You're just skimming the surface though if you don't delve deeper into what has caused things to come to this.
The bom blast in Pakistan today; is that an example of religious terrorism? Of Muslims killing other Muslims in the name of Islam? Think about it a little & you'll begin to understand a few things.

roop said...

it's not just in india but everywhere in the world. islamophobia. why? i'd like you to reason that as well. why isn't there a hindu-phobia? or a christian-phobia?

im not accusing any one religion ... merely questioning you in a very rational manner.

Yaamyn said...

@ roop:

1) There IS such a thing as Christianophobia - now on such wonderful display here in Karnataka.

2) The rise of Islamism? The political problems in palestine and kashmir.. the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.. they all tend to get viewed through the narrow glasses of 'Islam'

3) A strong anti-Islamic lobby. In India, the Hindutva parivar.. and in the west, the attention hogging Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and that Danish MP whatisname Fitna. Anti Muslim propaganda sites are a dime a dozen. Just search google and see first two dozen results!

4) 9/11 and the subsequent blinding focus of attention on Muslims worldwide. Everything about muslims are being dissected on a microscopic level.. and stereotypes are hard to get over. Even when a China has more muslims than a Saudi Arabia.

5)Of course, Hijab and fatwa are the catchwords to describe muslims these days. We've been reduced to caricatures of wahhabism - all one billion of us.

You're right, Islamophobia is spread worldwide. That it has spread in India - a diverse and multicultural land with a 5 thousand year civilization - is upsetting though.

Saleem said...

"You're just skimming the surface though if you don't delve deeper into what has caused things to come to this."
That's exactly what i said in earlier word INTROSPECTION.

Coming to you expect me to be courteous to YAAMYN?? of all the people an outsider living in our country (assuming you are an INDIAN) and spreading rumors and hatred claiming it as emotional outburst..He has no right to use abusive language towards my countrymen. Give me a break!!!

Think what would have happened if every MUSLIM thought in his way...Yes, i do stand by every comment and represent facts.

You might want to pay close attention to understand the logic unless u belong to same school of thought that Hindus are to be blamed for current state of Muslims, there is an agenda to eliminate Muslims and we now need to identify ourselves as Indian Muslims.
All said, when suicide itself is a sin, there is nothing that could justify the action of terrorism (in name of religion or personal agenda)

As indicated earlier, your illogical posts do not warrant a reply. But FYI:

Yaamyn said...

You do NOT have to be polite to me, saleem. I did not ask for courtesy. I asked you to kindly show me where exactly in my post i have blamed 'hindus' for whatever.

I dispute your claim that i'm spreading "Rumors and Hatred".

I don't deal in rumors, and my post was AGAINST hatred - in case you didn't realize. :-)

Your welcome to your own conclusions, though. I've made my own conclusions about you too. Just don't want to spell it out.

Yaamyn said...

And once again, why do you keep repeating the vatican thing? I still don't get it.

What does that have to do with anything I said?

Saleem said...

"What about those 'violent calls to jehad' in the Qur'an, you ask? Go read your Old Testament and your Manu Smriti and your Torah.. and then come back and make allegations that war is not violent and that there isn't any quotable 'violent' and 'sexist' quotes in all those books. SHUT UP!! "

Isn't that Islam vs other religions? Not just this post all your posts are directed towards creating rift...You smiling MALDIVIAN XXXXXX XXXXXX (that does ring some bells now...right)

Now that you agreed your aren't religious this might help you..

Qur’an (Surah Baqarah, 2: 286) - Don't test someone's patience
# Keep yourselves far from envy, because it eats up and takes away good actions, like the fire that eats up and burns wood.
# He is not strong and powerful, who throws people down, but he is strong who withholds himself from anger.
# Much silence and a good disposition; there are no two works better than these.
#The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr

May Allah bestow peace on you..Ameen

Google &

Anonymous said...

Maldivian fucker.. are you...? So we are bringing in people to blow (and blow up)from Maldives now.. eh.
You have no business nosing around here- check your backyard first.

Anonymous said...

You can have your interpretation of Islam. I have mine. For me Islam means submission to ALLAH (SWT).
You like BJP. Again it is your choice. India is a free country. Every one has a right to make his/her choice.
Whatever Yaamyn has written- you may agree with him or not (your choice). But to disagree coz he is “outsider”, does not make sense to me.
India takes great pride in people like Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama. Indians have voted to power some one who is not born in India. People like me consider Maulana Azad as their greatest leader. I don’t know what is your opinion about him (he was not born in India). My point is only this: I would like to see the content and the intention of the person who is saying some thing, rather than going into his ancestory. Off course you have your own opinion, and may differ with me.

Yaamyn said...

@saleem: Read it again, and ask yourself if that was a comparison of the Qur'an with the other books. Or was it an offense?

You really are too caught up in this!! Chill, take a deep breath. You might want to read those quotes you provided from the Qur'an. Quite applicable to you.

Qur’an (Surah Baqarah, 2: 286) - Don't test someone's patience
# Keep yourselves far from envy, because it eats up and takes away good actions, like the fire that eats up and burns wood.
# He is not strong and powerful, who throws people down, but he is strong who withholds himself from anger.
# Much silence and a good disposition; there are no two works better than these.

You really are testing my patience, you know.

Too bad I don't moderate my comments, and don't intend to. But if you're gonna keep littering all my posts with irrelevant, personal junk - I just might have to.

If you have something to discuss about my post.. DO THAT. You're more than welcome to. Otherwise try to keep your trap shut. :-)

Yaamyn said...

@saleem: Read it again, and ask yourself if that was a comparison of the Qur'an with the other books. Or was it an offense?

You really are too caught up in this!! Chill, take a deep breath. You might want to read those quotes you provided from the Qur'an. Quite applicable to you.

Qur’an (Surah Baqarah, 2: 286) - Don't test someone's patience
# Keep yourselves far from envy, because it eats up and takes away good actions, like the fire that eats up and burns wood.
# He is not strong and powerful, who throws people down, but he is strong who withholds himself from anger.
# Much silence and a good disposition; there are no two works better than these.

You really are testing my patience, you know.

Too bad I don't moderate my comments, and don't intend to. But if you're gonna keep littering all my posts with irrelevant, personal junk - I just might have to.

If you have something to discuss about my post.. DO THAT. You're more than welcome to. Otherwise try to keep your trap shut. :-)

Yaamyn said...

@anonymous (the backyard one) : I AM checking my backyard.. it just happens to be India :p

And a few meters from my backyard, they burnt down a church yesterday.

So I don't mind poking my nose a bit... capisce?

@anonymous (the submitter):You're right. Everyone gets a choice.. and needs the freedom to be able to express the choice without facing a barrage of personal attacks.

Thanks for all the comments people. Please criticize my posts if you have valid points to counter them. Desist from trying to vilify me. I reserve the right to my opinions and also the right to express it - whether its against Maldives or India or Alaska. :-)

Anonymous said...

@yammin or whatever:
"And a few meters from my backyard, they burnt down a church yesterday.

So I don't mind poking my nose a bit... capisce?"

Right! Now you start "caring" about churches too. Divide and rule... eh? While you are at it, please do spare some thought to the sufferings of Christians and hindus in that turd of a country, Maldives. Maybe some for the same people in Bangaladesh and Pakistan, and a little for the Middle east.
People like you are the online equivalent of the hate-mongering "Mullah"s who shout about death to Christians and others (kafirs, if you will) from certain mosques (yes, i have heard them too many times). Now, I agree that you know things that are outside the Koran and perhaps another language too, but your thoughts and intentions are clear from your posts - you both want the same thing - getting rid of kafirs and establishment of a barbaric, brutal and sick paradise.
God (and our society) willing, you shall achieve this soon. I just have one request : remember us fondly when you write your history. But then... i know this is too much to ask.

1conoclast said...

Anonymous (comment just before mine),

You're reading Yaamyn, his post, and all other people wrong. This is the point he is trying to make in his post. All he is saying is this: Don't be an Islamophobe. Don't hate us. We've not done anything wrong. Why do you hate us for the actions of a set of wahabbis?

And I've said pretty much the same thing here:

How can we hate Hindus when our best friends, fathers, wives etc. etc. are Hindus? That's the question I keep asking.

Just because we speak out against the hindutvis, does it mean that we're anti-Hindu??? That is a very illogical assumption, isn't it?

Your request to remember you fondly when we write our history almost brought tears to my eyes...
"We" (you & us) will write our history together!!! We will write about how we defeated the hate mongers on both sides! We will write about how we kept this country a great place for all to live & prosper in.
I pray for the islamists & the hindutvis both to fail; so that neither you nor yaamyn nor I have to be written out from our history!

Help "us" succeed, will you?

Yaamyn said...


The words in my post are clear as day and night - and accentuated with expletives (which according to some, adds to clarity!) and yet all you see are 'intentions' and 'hidden motives'. I think I mentioned that somewhere in the post too.. glad I wasn't wrong after all.

Now you start "caring" about churches too.

Why's the word 'caring' in quotes? Yes, I DO care about people falling victim to mob terrorism. If a bunch of people go raiding a temple tomorrow and desecrate its idols, you won't see me applauding it.

Divide and rule... eh?

While you are at it, please do spare some thought to the sufferings of Christians and hindus in that turd of a country, Maldives.

I won't defend my country. But the least I can assure you is that there are no xenophobic lynch mobs going around killing innocent men, women and children in the name of religion.

I have Indians living in my house, and they have proudly hung up pictures of their gods/godesses - IN MY HOUSE, IN THE MALDIVES. And they're welcome to it too. Nobody's going to lynch them, kill them or even hurt them.

Non Islamic religions are not currently recognized, yes. But we're not xenophobic either.

People like you are the online equivalent of the hate-mongering "Mullah"s who shout about death to Christians

you both want the same thing - getting rid of kafirs and establishment of a barbaric, brutal and sick paradise.

From which part of my post have you come to these fantastic conclusions? Kindly elucidate.

I can't help it you just CANNOT read what I've written, and instead read between the lines and fill it up with imagined junk. I just can't help it!

love, 'yammin or whatever'.

roop said...

India is no different than world. It shouldn't be judged separately than any place else. It is as multicultural as America or Canada are. Islamophobia is equally intense here. Must be something wrong with the religion perhaps? or Media? Something's gotta give somewhere rite? I don't know. You tell me.

Anonymous said...

I like your views, but just a quick comment.

"Why do you hate us for the actions of a set of wahabbis"

Here you are making a generalization (same way as people do to picture all muslims as terrorist). What action of Wahabis are you talking about? Is not it that now a days people keep referencing a fatwa from Darul Uloom, Devband against terrorism as a proof that "muslims" are against terrorism. Institutes like Darul Uloom, Devband and Nadwatul Ulema, Lucknow have have always displayed nationalistic character in true sense of meaning through out history. And I guess they are considered Wahabis. So don't make unnnecessary generalizations. I know these worlds like Wahabis, Shia/Sunni devide, Jihad etc are favourite of media now a days. And people may get swayed by a barrage of misinformation campaign.

Yaamyn said...

Yes, Roop.. Islamophobia's pretty much globalized thanks to the media.

But in India we have the Sangh Parivar fighting elections on this plank!!

The Islamophobia is institutionalized, part of their everyday speeches.. there's no shame, no guilt and no controversy when they make openly anti-Muslim comments..

That's what worries me! India being home to the second largest Muslim population on earth, it worries a lot of people!

Yaamyn said...


It's difficult these days to avoid getting swayed by misinformation.. given the sheer volume of it thrust on us.

While I do not doubt, the deoband seminaries have turned out lots of eminences, I do feel that the extremely literal and rigid interpretations they propagate has led to much maligning of the Islamic community.

It's a shame that the traditional interpretations are being overshadowed by these salafist interpretations in the media.. it's not very conducive to the case of millions and millions of Muslims who DO NOT subscribe to these views.

white_angel said...

While I do feel the pain and anguish in your post, I feel it fails to discuss the argument from the side of majority of the people of India.

I do understand you were emotional when you wrote this post and on those grounds you could be excused for not being completely objective but since we are discussing this, lets try to bring in some objectivity shall we? [hopefuly your emotional bout has subsided by now ;)]

According to you, a majority of people think that “Only Muslims are terrorists.”
It is true that muslims are being branded as terrorists and the VHP and likes are not, which should not be the case, but this is NOT a national issue it is a global issue. It’s just the sheer number of terrorist incidents involving muslims all over the world that has given them a bad name and no one else could be blamed for that. It’s the strictness of this religion that makes the people more vulnerable to intolerance and probably the only religion, under the guise of which, so many people have been killed. Of the 6 Billion people on earth, majority of people (including Muslims e.g. in Pakistan ) would relate the term Terrorism with Muslims, just because most of the terrorist attacks worldwide have been carried out by radical muslims.

Does this make us biased towards muslims or are we Islamophobic as you put it?

I would say, Yes we are, we are afraid of muslims and we do tend to see muslims in a different light, and the reason is simple, we just don’t know which one of them might have a bomb strapped to the waist.

Lets take an analogy, there are 2700+ species of snake in this world and only 1% of them are poisonous enough to kill someone, but still our general emotion when we see a snake is that of fear, simply because we don’t know which kind of snake it is.
It is indeed a very rough analogy, but it serves the purpose, Muslims are simply not branded as terrorists, it’s the underlying fear that has resulted in such a travesty.
We might want to console ourselves that at least the educated muslims do not engage in terrorist activities, but Bin Laden and Co puts even that option out of question. [Other examples include the people involved in recent bomb blasts - engineering students, working professionals or even a Nuclear Scientist]

So you see Yaamyn, we have no other option but to be cautious as there is no way of identifying the good apple from the bad apple.
While trying to vindicate yourself, you are blaming others for being biased while the only reason for their bias is (some of) your doing.

So when the majority of people fear for their lives, whom do they go to? They go to someone who promises safety to them, and that is how the radicals of other side come into the political picture.
I agree that the mindset towards muslims is indeed biased and it is very wrong for the average liberal muslim to be going through it, but as you put it, “Fucking ourselves ” or “shoving it up our arses” , is not going to help.

Lets discuss what could be done to rectify this standoff. As a part of the 80% of the Indian population, I do feel that more needs to be done to bring up muslims, more opportunities for education and employment need to be there but having said that we cannot totally rely on our current politicians to do it for us or rather for you.
We need more muslim representation in the Indian politics, rather educated liberal muslim representation. It is a difficult task but it needs to be done if this is to be resolved, also people with more understand of Quran, like you I suppose, should try to spread the correct interpretation of it and thus help curbing radicalism at its grass roots.

But, if this doesn’t happen and you see nothing done for the upbringing of muslims, then the resentment in educated people like you is going to grow and turn into something very ugly and when that happens we wouldn’t be surprised if one of you blows up something to make your voice heard.

Pardon me for writing such a huge comment, but I just felt that there needs to be more objective discussion than just bashing of one community or another.


Anonymous said...

There are too many sects in Islam, and their interpretations are different.
I don't think that in India the problem of terrorism has much to do with Wahabi ideology. So it is unnecessary to drag it into this.
Regards, and thanks for this post.

1conoclast said...

white angel/Jimit,

If I may...

What you're suggesting is nothing radically new, and also fairly unrelated to the problem that yaamyn brings up.

Don't you get irritated when Westerners think of us as a nation of snake-charmers & elephant riders?
Some of us are, but all of us are not. And we're compelled to correct them.

Would you say that the answer lies in educating all Indians & bringing them up properly?

Or does the answer lie in educating the West about India, about what else exists in our country?

I think it's the latter.

The rest of the world needs to drop their false fears or phobias as they're referred to, and learn a little more about the animals/humans they irrationally fear. Knowledge will set them free.

white_angel said...


Fair point, but I never said I was suggesting anything radically new, I am just re-iterating the basic solution that would stop atleast some of the people from turning towards terrorism.

Secondly, it is far easier to teach the west or the world that our India anything but the land of snake charmers and elephant riders than it is to eliminate a sense of fear that has crept in the minds of people, no matter how hard you try you cannot stop people fearing from snakes even if the snakes turned vegetarians.. ;)

But over a period of time we can reduce this fear to a considerable extent and the only way to achieve that is awareness and education of the people in the entirety. Also by bringing the minority into the mainstream, report anyone who tries to radicalise the youth and such measures.

My simple point is, if there were no snake charmers then there would be no reference made.


Nir said...

The most natural and well expressed blog I have ever seen. I can feel your pain, crawling though your skin when you were trying to write down your feelings/anger/sorrow in words.

Just to let you know that there are Non-Muslims, more than you can imagine, who don't agree with the statement '
There are two kinds of Indians - Indians, and MUSLIMS.'. Then why they don't raise their voice when ,as you said, 'Indian - MUSLIMS' are being suffered from communal riots ? The reason is same as the reason for why any people ( doesn't matter to which Religion they belong ) fails to protest any injustice happening in front of him. Right, it's called Lack of Courage and this thing doesn't related to Religion. You can't expect much from Common people but it doesn't also mean that they are not against ANY injustice happened to ANYBODY. And this thing is not only true for our country but also for rest of the world.

I have many ,as you mentioned, 'Indian - MUSLIMS' friends and I never think them as Sub humans as I am a Hindu and they are Muslims. I want to live a normal, peaceful life and I know ALL of my friends deserve same.

1conoclast said...


But there are "snake-charmers" in every religion in the world. That's our equally simple point.

You don't feel that part of this phobia(=irrational fear) is due to the efforts of groups with vested interests?

1conoclast said...


"Just to let you know that there are Non-Muslims, more than you can imagine, who don't agree with the statement"

I know there are. Thank you for being one.

I just wish everyone would show more courage. The kind Gandhiji displayed though.

Yaamyn said...

Jimit.. I shall get back to you soon as I can steal some time.

Thank you for the comments Nir and 1con as well.

Do come back later.

william said...

Numerous examples of would-be martyrs have illustrated that violent Islamism is a death cult that holds a particularly seductive appeal to the social misfit. The ideology is easy to absorb. It paints the world in black and white. And it offers you a chance to belong.
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1conoclast said...

william george,

Why just violent Islamism? Violent anything is a death cult.

Is the Kamikaze pilot a social misfit who got seduced by the martyrdom appeal that the Japanese Army sold him?
What about the martyrs in any army?

The problem my friend is with violence.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Yaamyn,

Well, my first thought when I read through was... can Muslims say "fuck?" But I'm glad you didn't go back and edit them out, because -- frankly -- the cuss words and frustration with THIS particular position you've taken made the whole message all the more personal and accessible.

I am, as you would guess by my name (John), a total outsider to everything you're experiencing. I'm Catholic, not Muslim. If you can believe it, I could count the muslims I know on two hands. That must be astounding to someone in a nation with 150 million of them.

I'm also American, though I live overseas (France) much of the year. I'm white and my family background is originally Irish -- a group that's long since passed it's days of real persecution, in most parts of the world. And I know absolutely nothing of India, except that I like Indian curry and lamb vindaloo. I've never been there and probably won't be there any time soon.

Heck, I don't even know many non-white people. Not by choice, only by circumstance. Though I most certainly voted for one in this past U.S. election.

In fact, the only personal experience I have contact with that comes even close to what you're talking about is that which I come by from my wife. She's also a member of a widely loathed, targeted, and disparaged minority -- she's jewish.

I say all that only so I can say this, with properly intended impact: thank you. Thank you for being as you are and for speaking as you have. Not the anger, but what lies beneath it... which is clearly the message that, despite all the frustration to the contrary, you are still out there with your voice decrying terrorism and acts of violence committed by those who claim what they're doing is in support of your faith.

I don't know if it will help you feel better at all, but I promise you that there are those of us who are outside the Islamic community; who get only the filtration of news through the Western media; who have heard all the rhetoric that communalizes the violence to the whole of Islam rather than to the splinter, misguided minorities; and who's only experience with the religion at all has been limited to repeated images of the planes slamming the Twin Towers (just a few blocks from our home in Manhattan at the time), blowing up clubs in Bali or trains in Spain or bombs in Mubai or, now, randomly slaughtering Muslims and non-Muslims alike with gunfire again in Mumbai (just days ago as I write this)... who, though we are as horrified as you are by the senselessness of it all and the carnage, STILL know that it isn't "you" who did or advocated any of this.

Don't get me wrong.

I know more Islamaphobes than I care to count. They are frightened and angry too, though I don't forgive them their assumptions or prejudices.

So, it at all, I can almost pretend to imagine the tide of bias you must feel you're up against. Because it's really out there. When will the rest of the world acknowledge that a community as vast as the Islamic world speaks with many different voices? Maybe never. Most people are hardly aware that humanity as a whole is both cursed and blessed with diversity of opinion.

At the same time, that's an interesting word: humanity. In itself, it implies a communal existence. Self-driven but interdependent, as all communities are. That's the delicate natural balance on which we all depend for survival.

Perhaps it will take a threat to the entire of humanity at once before we're unified in that way of thinking. Perhaps this is the foreshadowing of that threat -- our own anger and aggression toward each other is the disease that will undo us all.

I hope and pray that isn't the case. I hope and pray we aren't "done" as a race (the human race, that is). But we shall see. It's going to take some supreme effort to reverse these trends.

In the meantime, I apologize as much as I can for one man about the well-justified frustration you've experienced. And I thank you once again for counting yourself among the many, many millions of Muslims who still continue to speak out loudly, clearly, and publicly against those wrongful acts done so falsely in the name of your faith.

Out here, in the world that's so far away from where you're doing your speaking, thinking, and listening... that message is, unfortunately, not the one that gets passed along as often as it could be. I hope that doesn't discourage you from sharing it and believing in it just the same.

Best wishes and God Bless to the Islamic and non-Islamic alike,

John F.

P.S. I hope, too, that none of your friends were directly injured during the latest November violence in Mumbai. Of course, it's a tragedy in anyone's terms. And indirectly, we're all victims... because crimes against humanity are the crimes humanity has perpetrated against itself.

But in the immediate sense, the one thing we can acknowledge most of all -- other that there's no possible rationale that could have justified this, no matter who held the guns -- is that those bullets didn't discriminate in whose lives the took or altered. Not man or woman, adult or child, Muslim or Christian or Jew.

When we weep, it should be for the world. And because of your post Yaamyn, and posts of some of your readers, I know I'm not alone in this belief.

Anonymous said...

By the way... I also read this before posting on your site:

Simply because I wanted at least a little idea of the kinds of things someone who is Islamic in India might be thinking about -- yet which we in the West are more or less oblivious to.

If we condemn the latest round of Mumbai attacks -- and obviously we should -- we should also publicly condemn, as non-Muslims, these incidences of persecution listed in the Wikipedia article (along with those that surely aren't mentioned) too.

Acts of reciprocal violence or other atrocities committed by, for, or with the approval of minority Muslim fundamentals are irrelevant to that condemnation. The persecution is wrong regardless of who is the perpetrator and who is the target. I think that's the essential message here, both mine and yours.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

I was 10 during the Mumbai Riots. Couldnt understand much except that there are people who might kill my entire family if they got a chance to enter our colony. We were the only Muslim family in that locality.

But there is hope......


It was then our neighbours who took care of us. To the extent that our everyday ration was brought by them from a near by market place, which was located in a not-so Muslim friendly area.

But still I was very disturbed by the riots. Why are they after our lives? What will happen next?
After some months I happened to go to my Native Place and that changed or rather pacified me. It was Muharram Time. The Muslims of my village were preparing a Tajia procession, as every year. I came to know at that time that the young Muslim boys used to go to every house in the village with a Chader and collect donations for the procession. Everybody, even Hindus used to contribute. Not only that, when the procession actually began, it used to halt in front fo even Hindu doors. this was followed by the Hindus coming out with "incense sticks" and "coconut" and other stuff to offer in the procession.

All this brought a lot of peace to my mind.

I know many years have passed and things may have changed. But believe me we still have friends who while discussing such terrorism incidents take care that they dont insult or hurt you in any way.

I think the older generation of small cities are the ones who are communal. Younger generation if by some way are protected from the hatered and biases of the older generation in these mall cities than we will have an India almost free of communal tensions.

There are people on sites like who abuse our community and religion in the filthiest words. It irritates us like anything. But dont forget we are more than a Billion.

The recent rally at Gateway in Mumbai is a hope for better tomorrow...God Willing!!!

Surbhi said...

WOW!!! This was incredible. I am born into a Hindu household which calls itself liberal. My home is liberal enough to have Muslim friends, even best friends. But Muslim boyfriend or husband, I can't say. I am an atheist, though. And whatever you've said here (and more) is what I've always wanted to say to people. What the hell kind of God differentiates between Hindus/ Muslims/ Christians/ Jews or even men/ women, or even men/ animals/ plants? Why, if I am called Mariam should I be different from if I were called Mary or Madhuri? I'm still a girl, and still a human being. Even if I am called Mariam or Mary, I'm an Indian. And even if I'm called Madhuri, I'm a British or American national. So why the hell am I different? And how on Earth am I lesser than anyone else?
More power to you, and this blog as well. Love you! You brought tears to my eyes. Please, world, do not paint everyone with the same brush. In fact, what the hell gives YOU the right to paint anyone at all?

Yaamyn said...

@John :

Thank you for reading my post, and for that comment.

I've always known that there are people who - despite all the hatred - haven't forgotten the meaning of tolerance. But it's nice to hear from one. Your words are reassuring.

I'm afraid I can understand a little bit of the kind of indignation that your wife must face, being a Jew.

The Mumbai attacks didn't affect me directly as I live in a different city - far away from the bullets and the fires. But due to the live coverage by the News Channels, we were all a part of it.

While this time, there has been no visible backlash in the form of violence against the Muslim Indians, there's still a lingering suspicion.

"Don't talk to Muslims" is a hushed whisper, but I hear it. ;-)

The Muslims in India have gone out of their way to condemn the Mumbai violence.

> Thousands of Senior Imams, Religious leaders and scholars gathered to issue a united condemnation against the terrorists.

> Muslim Actors, Artistes, Film makers, Sports-persons and other Muslim celebrities in India have expressed their outrage through the media, news channels, blogs.

> The Eid Celebrations throughout the country were sombre and downplayed all over India, as a mark of respect for the dead.

> Thousands of Muslim Indians holding the Indian flag, and carrying banners denouncing terrorism rallied across cities in India. Clearly dissociating themselves from the violence carried out in their name.

> In a pleasant surprise, the mosques and praying grounds across country on the Holy Muslim festival of Eid had large placards and banners with Anti terrorism messages. It was heartening, and a great effort by the citizens.
Also, flyers were distributed and articles published in major newspapers by elder scholars clearly denouncing terror of all forms.

In short, this time the Indian Muslim left nothing to chance - and did ALL he/she could do to condemn terror for what it is.

And yet, there is a suspicion. It'll take time to wipe it all out - But I'm sure we're on the right track!

You say you're a Catholic, married to a Jew. Interesting. :-) I like to see a fusion of culture and religion.. I'm Muslim from the Maldives.. and my girlfriend is an Indian Hindu.

Thank you for your comment once again. And DO spread the word that it's wrong to hate an entire 1.2 billion strong Muslim community for the actions of an extremist few.

Lend us a hand, instead.. so that we can condemn and defeat it by WORKING TOGETHER!

@Anonymous :

Thank you too. Anecdotes such as yours restore faith in me that even when things seem darkest, there's always a shining tale of human kindness that is not limited by any religion.

@ Surbhi :

I think it's OK if your family doesn't necessarily approve of marriage with a non-Hindu.. I think it's part of every Indian household, irrespective of religion.
I'm just glad that you and your family DO NOT HATE Muslims or any other people. Prejudice is a dangerous thing and hard to get rid of once you get it.


Cheers, and thank you for your comment.

There's no diffence between a Mary and a Maryam.. we're all part of one amazing race! THe HUMAN RACE!

Thank you.

pastikia said...

Its called the urge for survival. Islamophobia is extremely important for the survival of our speicieces. Islam being a toxic idelogy has spread virally all over the world. A counter is needed. India has been a victim for so long. All its high traditions ahve been smashed to the ground due to islam. Islamophobia has to increase in the world and it sure will. The 21st century will be the anti islamic century. The scrouge of islam needs to be eradicated.

Surbhi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Surbhi said...

Well, the reason why my family (and I mean only my mom-dad-bro) does not see Muslims as different from ourselves is because I've literally lived my growing years with more Muslim friends than those from any other faith. Reason was that we were in Saudi Arabia where my Dad was working, and we bonded like family with this Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi community. All different nations, but with similar ethnicity and culture.

In fact, we bonded so well that during the annual Navratris which coincide with Eid, we used to go to our Muslim friends' homes for Eid parties where the hostess used to make special Navratri-compliant food (pure veg, no onion or garlic) for their Hindu friends. And no one had any qualms about any of that, plus the fasting Hindus would eat the sewaiyan if nothing else (since either that is apparently ok during the fast, or who the hell cares). And my Mom and other Hindu ladies would help their Muslim friends with their household chores during Ramadan, knowing they would be exhausted after not eating or drinking till the evening.

The group we were a part of is also the reason why my family or I do not hate Pakistanis or Bangladeshis on principle - which so many Indians do. We know they are humans like us, and it is not their fault that some sick-in-their-head people from their country displayed symptoms of extreme schizophrenia and decided to kill others for some extremely misguided reasons. Hell, we have Modi and Advani and BJP+allies and SIMI+IM+allies too, don't we?

So strong was our bond of friendship that it transcended all borders - religious, regional, cultural, behavioural. In fact, when I searched for my childhood friends on Orkut recently, it was then that I found out that some of them are not Indians. Trust me, Yaamyn, I never knew that before!

What's more, when we came back to India for good (I was 13), I found Zeenat and Mohsin to be more rarely heard names than Aditi or Sandeep. That for one was a culture shock for me!

I think so many times that maybe, maybe if I had lived my life in India all through, my tolerant and accepting mindset may have been a misfit. And maybe my parents would have thought just like those around them do. Maybe...

Surbhi said...

Oh yeah, we were in Saudi Arabia during all that Ayodhya madness. You must hear my Mom react to it even now, even though we were mercifully shielded from it all. She hates the fucking saffron right-wingers to her core, just like she hates the SIMI or Indian Mujahideen bastards.

Animesh said...

Good post. Heartfelt, and much needed.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the author's ass :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahemm...I have not against Muslims..They are themselves victims whether of their own religion or their thought process which believes in literal interpretation of holy texts I dont know.

But yes I developed a Phobia against Islam because of this:-

Or Probably This:-

Or Maybe this:-

I better be Islamophobic and stay away from Muslims rather than having friends whose books somewhere tell them to kill me if I am alone and helpless.

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