Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank the blessed Lord your sister got raped last week. I hope she suffered well. Her frightened screams and ravaged body ought to be the wake up call to you that you're just NOT WELCOME here. Yes, I DO mean you and all others of your dangerous cult. I just wish they'd butchered your feeble dad as well, hacked him limb by limb and thrown it to the dogs. That should teach you bastards a lesson.

Now listen, I have nothing against you.. but your folk, well... you HAVE to admit they're dangerous. You need to be eliminated from the face of this earth. It's simply in the best interests of everyone, really. Everyone will benefit from your violent ilk being exterminated. We hate violence. I condemn it myself. It's barbaric and has no place in a civilized society. That's why violence-loving vermin like you need to be hacked to pieces and burnt alive. How can ANYONE commit indiscriminate killings in the name of God? What kind of sick, barbaric religion condones that?! God willing, we shall carry out our dharm by ridding our blessed, holy land of every last one of you. No matter how much bloodshed ensues. It's God's will.

One cannot engage in any civilized dialogue with scumbags like you. You resort to name-calling at every opportunity when you could, instead, show SOME sign that you are inclusive and tolerant towards us, you filthy bastards. All of you are the same.. and tend to view us as if we were some kind of single reviled mob.

It's pathetic indeed that you haven't learnt to live WITH us or understand OUR social orders. You don't even make any efforts to understand our cultural sensibilities! Your alien ideologies make no sense to us. I even heard it's dangerous. It is, isn't it? That's why I'm telling you.. take them and leave our country! This country needs to be rid of the scourge of your ilk. Leave us tolerant folk in peace! We cannot stand you!....

[.. to be continued. Ad nauseam, ad infinitum - by a variety of bigots around this country, who are completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy]

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