Friday, June 20, 2008

Do it yourself, Balasaheb!

Why are some people so addicted to hatred?

Take this man for example.

He has the influence to change things so much for the better. Instead, now he's called for Hindu suicide squads to "counter 'Islamic' terror". (No, he's not arrested yet, nor is he likely to be. Welcome to India!)

Anyways, If you do happen to run into this Thackeray dude, do ask him:

1) Is it not weird that he's a Hitler wannabe?

2) What grouse does he really have against India's Muslim citizens?

3) With all that hatred inside him, does he often get stomach ulcers?

4) Why is Lesbianism against Indian culture?

5) What does secularism mean to him?

While you're at it, try to plead with him to kindly go blow himself up for his cause! Another Hindu's life can't be worth less than his, can it?

P.S. What makes Hindus laugh?

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Saleem said...

This picture ( has been copied from the following site:

Using this as a backdrop following comments are posted trying to pit religion vs religion.

"They'll blame Ghori and Ghazni. They'll blame Christian missionaries. They'll blame 'pseudosecularism'. They'll blame the 'Italians'. They'll blame ISI. They'll blame Pakistan. They'll blame the liberals."

Most posts in this blog have been either adapted or copied from the site and painted in religious fervour (precisely pitting MUSLIMS vs HINDUS). Hence, all INDIAN intelligentsia beware of this MALDIVIAN (Yaamyn) for he is a 'lunatic' with a keyboard trying to spread hatred and abusing your fellow countrymen.

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