Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is this Sharia?

This is revolting. Raped and murdered by law.

If there's a God, may He bless all those killed in his name.

Is there no end to fanaticism?


1conoclast said...

OH MY DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS in the name of religion. If Islam could be, it would've been ashamed of itself today! This is not what God or the Prophet would've wanted.

Of course, we can't blame God or religion for the evil that men resort to in Their name.

It's a lucky thing you don't have too many right-wingers visiting. Otherwise they'd have blamed the religion, the Prophet, even God for this!

Apart from telling you that you shouldn't believe everything that Amnesty & BBC tell you. You know... because they're the ENGLISH media...!

1conoclast said...

Read about your new Premier's plans for in the papers today. He's way ahead of what our leaders talk about. HOW is that???

Ravi said...

Great Post! Just a glimpse of what is coming to our country, India. Good job wrecking the nation. I guess we deserve it, for being humans and tolerating this menace masquerading as religion. FUCK YOU ALL.

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