Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rajnath Singh: BJP does not believe in ‘spreading hatred’

The BJP does not believe in hatred.. only its projected, high profile election candidates do. Nice.
Varun Gandhi, Yogi, Modi, the a vast majority of the Sangh Parivar just happen to be. The BJP does not condone it.

The Varun Gandhi tapes were doctored. His defense of it was doctored too. The attacks on Christians were doctored. Modi loves Muslims. Babri Masjid demolition didn't happen. Gujarat wasn't a genocide. Gandhi's assassination was fake. The Sangh sister organizations like Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP do NOT condone violence!

Life's perfect. Everything wrong is doctored.

Oh. And Advaniji is their Prime Ministerial candidate.


Kislay said...

I still don't understand why are you so keen about Indian politics ?

Surbhi said...

Hallelujah! Look who's back, and just in time.

I have started a new blog called "Hate, Actually", so check it out at

Modi is a bigger b****** (can't type coz of the new gag on bloggers) than Advani. Or is Advani a bigger one than Modi? Actually, you really can't decide which of the two is worse. And now they have Varun Gandhi (check out my exclusive post on him at my new blog) who have conveniently trampled over all the hope and faith we placed in the young gen-next politico.

Cheers to India, a 'democratic' and 'secular' republic! Wonder what it'll become if the BJP (or any of its crony allies) comes to power!

Yaamyn said...

@Kislay -

Yes, I'm sure you don't understand why I'm interested in 'Indian Politics'.

Just so you know, it's not just Indian politics I'm interested in - it's Politics in general. I even have my opinions on Ukrainian and Turkish politics, but chose not to air them here.

Yet, I feel your question is rude, because it arises only because I'm not an Indian citizen.

You may want to read this:

And on an equal yardstick, why are YOU so interested in Indian politics?

@Surbhi -

Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

Kislay said...

Sorry man . Did not mean to be rude . As to why am I interested in Indian politics, I am an Indian , and it concerns me directly .

ravi said...

"Yet, I feel your question is rude, because it arises only because I'm not an Indian citizen." No, this is not being rude - Its a genuine concern. One of the (many) problems plaguing this country is too many bad neighbors with their oversized traps who are interested in pushing their own agenda - religious or otherwise.
If you dont like what you see, please feel free to leave

Indian Home Maker said...

I have been wanting to (trying to) say the same things.
Well written, as usual.
And after all this we have some Indians wondering why the media shows only atrocities on minorities, that media must balance and show Hindus being victims of hate speeches and genocide.

Anonymous said...

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Yaamyn said...

@Kislay : Well, you could sort of say that Indian politics affect my everyday life as well.


I do feel free to leave. Nothing or nobody's holding me here, but my own choice. Thank you! :p

But then, your comment clearly shows exactly how capable you are of dealing with reality. Feel free to comment too!

@IHM: Thanks.
There do seem to be quite a few people who think that violence deserves more violence, or hatred more hatred.
All part of swallowing a bitter pill called reality.

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