Friday, February 06, 2009

ADvani : Google gets it right.

Now, I'm not trying to insinuate here (well, all right. I am!) but..

I was just trying to read about a random, violent terrorist organization posing as elected leaders.. when Google bombarded the web page with three large banners.. of LK Advani!

This Adsense algorithm is more advanced than one thought.

Anyways, does anybody else think that there's just too much ADvani on the net these days?


Chikki said...

hahaha...:-)..Nice one!

Surbhi said...

Agree with you, my friend! Things would be better if at least Advani was good-looking. Makes me want to throw up every time I see his ugly face on a site or a blog.

moyameehaa said...

lol. what exactly did u google?

this was right after the sultan park bombin in maldives. now you try the same thing, its shows a lots of results.

Google is god.

moyameehaa said...

ah. now i get it. lol.. i thot it was his page.haha. mann..those banners are big.the message of god is loud and clear!

infer said...

It'll get a lot worse when the Moral Police Starts Advertising (comic).

1conoclast said...


This post has made my day! Nay my entire month!!!

Google finally gets it right!!!

Surbhi, I agree totally!

Indian Home Maker said...

I do think there's too much Advani anyway :) Net or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

:) Nice combination of Hamas and

1conoclast said...


1conoclast said...


I've just come from Vinod's blog. I have had the pleasure of witnessing you establish your supremacy over that idiot of a commenter Amit!
It's a classic! "Rape of the Dork", I say! :-D
Put it up as a post on your site!

Surbhi said...

Knock knock! Anybody home?

Missing your posts, all of which I love reading and agree with. Also a tag awaits you at, so get your behind over to this blog soon. :P

Anonymous said...

Amen brother... amen!!

[My blog at: ]

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